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  1. bshaw

    New recall 22V333 : Software error prevents detection of unintended movement

    Looks like Ford still getting the hang of OTAs as it starts to move across model years. Its things like this that make me think past model years are going to be ramped off the OTA process entirely. Some people have expressed expectations that OTAs for sync enhancements and other features will...
  2. bshaw

    2.8.3 Awkward Install... But sure.. It works

    Mine was very similar to yours, I had BC via FDRS and then received 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 in the same day. I was not in the car during 2.8.3 like you were though. My GPS was off for about a day, but it was days later, so not sure it was related to 2.8.3. All is fine now and no further OTA.
  3. bshaw

    Did 2.4.2 cause me to tap someone today?

    If you already had your foot on the brake, but just not hard enough to stop in time, I'm not sure that's a situation where the collision warning / auto-braking would come into action? I thought those were emergency features for when the car sees something coming up fast, and the driver's foot...
  4. bshaw

    CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    A straightforward solution to demand pricing is to charge different prices for DCFC throughout the day. It would have to be a reasonable up-charge (~1.5x), and something that is scheduled in advance (no surprises). It would move the people with flexibility to charge at off-peak times, and free...
  5. bshaw

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    OTA is a different process and doesn’t need the 12V supply. From what I can tell while running FDRS on my car, it runs the battery cooling system on full blast once you put the car in update mode for many updates. This is regardless of the ambient temp or HVB battery temp at the time you start...
  6. bshaw

    Charging best practice--extended absence

    3-weeks isn't that long, but you should probably leave it even lower than 90%, if you can. Run it down to 60% or 50%, and then set max charge at that level and leave it plugged in.
  7. bshaw

    Ford Charger and schedules

    There are threads to address your questions about L2 chargers suggestions and Tesla adapter if you search the forum. The orange / amber light on the Ford mobile charger has been reported by a bunch of others. It’s possibly shutting itself off because it’s over heating, but that of course...
  8. bshaw

    FDRS Battery Error..?

    Cut the access holes so you don’t have to take the panels off to reach the power points next time. I was able to carefully cut my holes without taking the panels off even once. Follow the excellent diagrams provided on the other thread.
  9. bshaw

    Question re: PAAK when you have Select model

    My FordPass app pushes a notification on the screen saying it did the walk-away-lock thing.
  10. bshaw

    How do I know if I have the BlueCruise update?

    Keeping the car two days for a software update does sound a bit insane, but unfortunately that's how long it could take. Depending on how many and which modules are being updated, it could be 8-9 hours while they all are installed/updated. Add in some buffer for FDRS bugs/troubleshooting, and...
  11. bshaw

    How do I know if I have the BlueCruise update?

    Maybe you should have opened the thread with the information that you declined the BlueCruise update from your dealer. OTA is possible, but seems to be slow going while they seem to do vehicles in batches. Ford has a pretty generous definition of what "soon" means. What they mean is sometime...
  12. bshaw

    How do I know if I have the BlueCruise update?

    Visit the connected services page of your profile. If it shows Blue Cruise on there, you have it. Since you got the email saying you have 1-yr free, that usually means your car has been fully updated to Blue Cruise. There are no additional settings to configure, it will just come on.
  13. bshaw

    Mach-E switching to LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) says Jim Farley

    Depending on how the stats for the vehicle are changed due to LFP batteries, this will probably help the resale values on the 2021-2022 models with the more desirable batteries.
  14. bshaw

    Mach-E switching to LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) says Jim Farley

    I’m guessing this chemistry allows them to use fewer rare earth metals that are in short supply and very expensive right now? Since EV manufacturing capacity is basically constrained by battery supply right now, makes sense to switch, even with the trade offs mentioned above.
  15. bshaw

    CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    Once EV charging stations are as widely available as gas stations are currently, there will be competition to attract EV drivers (price, speed, amenities) We are still a long ways from that, but it will eventually happen. It's probably a good use of government resources to subsidize anyone...
  16. bshaw

    CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    3-weeks to get an appointment, or 3-weeks while your car was out of your possession being worked on at the dealership? If it was 3-weeks at the dealership -- they shouldn't have put you through that.
  17. bshaw

    Mach-E shortcuts (please add more)

    Add the restart sync to your first post. Hold vol down and right arrow until center screen reboots. Useful anytime sync is acting wonky.
  18. bshaw

    Rear door unlock with the phone

    Mine is the same way, even when carrying FOB. I have to unlock my door first, and most times even hit the unlock button inside the door. Hitting unlock twice on the FOB will also do it, but I rarely get the FOB out like that. I think its possibly even a security feature --- like someone...
  19. bshaw

    My dealer has agreed to update my charging modules

    Maybe they could get just that list done in ~2-hours, but some others that you need -- like the IPMA -- would take longer to apply.
  20. bshaw

    Ford MME & the Grizzl-E Charger Question

    You should also look at the status light on the grizzl-e. What color and how often it’s flashing? Do you have the smart grizzl-e or the original? I have two grizzl-e for more than a year now. Honestly, I never stick around after plugging it in. Just walk away and it’s gone up to my max...