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  1. Mirak

    Intelligent Range now being enabled on Early Access Program Mach-E

    This seems like a good idea. If it works.
  2. Mirak

    Remote Start always reverts to guest profile?

    I used my phone to remote start it, it should know it’s my profile.
  3. Mirak

    Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    Two years, but trust your nose.
  4. Mirak

    Comprehensive PowerUp (OTA) Poll

    Yeah I’m pretty sure the dealer took me all the way up to 2.5.3 at end of March when I got BC. The past few days I’ve “gotten” 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 - but I’m pretty skeptical these are actual updates. Seems like Ford just pushed some messages in the course of changing the numbering from 2.5.x to 2.8.x.
  5. Mirak

    When Your Mach E Runs Out Of Juice!

    I don't think he actually said. But he hit 0% at 4282.1 on the ODO, and that's around the point he said he'd gotten 287.9mi of range so far. The ODO was at 4293.7 when it stopped driving. So: He got about 10mi more after the SOC hit 0%, and he was mostly highway driving during that time. He...
  6. Mirak

    SOLVED (not really): Alarm Motion Sensors Won’t Stay Off

    Based upon your test, we obviously aren’t covering the sensors correctly. Or there’s another sensor we missed.
  7. Mirak

    It's coming... (BlueCruise) to Mach-E purchased before the software was available

    About 20 years ago in one of my computer science for business majors classes, I learned how to use an MS Access database to filter email distributions. I’d be happy to volunteer my services to Ford. Just think - you could track things like whether BC was enabled for certain VINs, and then send...
  8. Mirak

    It's coming... (BlueCruise) to Mach-E purchased before the software was available

    I got the email, too. And I’ve already had BC since it was installed by the dealer a little over a month ago. Ford mothership should know by now. It’s weird that Ford just blasts these things out and cannot seem to screen out those to whom it doesn’t apply. It indicates a lack of organization.
  9. Mirak

    Speculation on 2022 software updates?

    Hopefully at least a few of the more popular enhancements suggested here..... The Super Poll - What Software Enhancements Do You Want Most? | MachEforum - Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum, News, Owners, Discussions
  10. Mirak

    Spotted 30+ NYPD Mach-E GT fleet [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    My first thought was the MME would look badass as a police car. Then I saw the paint job. Woof.
  11. Mirak

    BC & Adaptive Cruise/Lane Centering

    Oh yes, that's definitely an issue. It isn't a squeeze per se that fixes it, but torque resistance. You've gotta add some resistance. Sometimes resting a hand on the wheel just isn't enough. The hand nanny is too sensitive, in my opinion.
  12. Mirak

    EA Invite: Share your feedback on BlueCruise

    I got an email invitation this morning to participate in a survey re BlueCruise. Most of the survey was actually about the “Power Up” (OTA) experience in general. They only asked for thoughts re BC in the last few questions. I shared all my input I’ve previously had about the terrible OTA...
  13. Mirak

    BC & Adaptive Cruise/Lane Centering

    As annoying as this sounds, I actually haven’t found it to be an issue. Not even once. When I’m cruising on roads where BC isn’t available, I really can’t get away with not keeping my eyes on the roads. You don’t even get a subtle warning unless you take eyes off for 7 seconds.
  14. Mirak

    Full Self Driving OTA?????

    Yeah, the Ford system is a lot more subtle with smoother transitions between manual control and driver assistance, especially when changing lanes. Autopilot had a prettier graphical interface, but overall I think CoPilot360 (if it’s still called that) offers a more robust set of features.
  15. Mirak

    Full Self Driving OTA?????

    It's kind of embarrassing when Ford and Mach E enthusiasts draw some sort of equivalency between FSD and BC. FSD is better. A LOT better. It also costs Twelve Thousand Dollars, most typically tacked onto the purchase of an overpriced androgynous-people-mover-blob of a "car" like the M3 or MY...
  16. Mirak

    Why Mach E Debate!

    Well, for me, I always wanted to own a Mustang, so I just went ahead and ordered one. Now I am shocked and dismayed to find out that other Mustang owners don’t think I bought a true Mustang because it doesn't have an engine and doesn’t look like a Mustang.
  17. Mirak

    Jim Farley interview with The Verge has some interesting Mach E nuggets

    Seriously, tho, I don’t really care about the OS for the interface. The only thing that will suck is when 4A is no longer supported. It was only a matter of time - if I get meaningful updates for 2-3 more years I’d call that a win. As for the refresh, hopefully it will include being able to use...
  18. Mirak

    Jim Farley interview with The Verge has some interesting Mach E nuggets

    I wonder if the Android OS will finally allow folks to turn off alarm motion sensors…. That would be a nice plus.