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  1. mdolan92869

    DMV Fails Driver in EV At least the story has a happy ending in that the California DMV is actually educating their staff. Beware in other states if you’re taking your Mach-e for a driving test.
  2. mdolan92869

    Software Format

    For any of you software engineers out there, do you know if the Mach-e software is in Mach-O format? I'll show myself out :p
  3. mdolan92869

    Yet another road trip thread, OC to DFW

    Finally getting a chance to write down the four day drive from Orange County California to Fort Worth Texas. 1413.5 miles, 2.7 miles/kWh. ER, AWD, FE. Absolutely love the car, drives well, comfortable seat, good storage (never could have taken the luggage I did in my old Mustang GT :p) Unhappy...
  4. mdolan92869

    Magnet free electric motor

    Saw this article this evening. Hope it pans out, sounds like a nice little advancement in electric motors.
  5. mdolan92869

    Quartzsite Arizona Open

    I was playing around with the Electrify America app tonight and saw that the icon for Love‘s Travel Stop in Quartzite Arizona is now operational, looks like it came alive yesterday. Now it’ll make the LA to Phoenix trip a little less worrisome.
  6. mdolan92869

    License Plate Arrived

    Just got the license plates for my GB FE. Now I can swap them for my personalized plates, but I wished I'd gotten them with my 2013 GT. They're 8VEE... and the Mach-e isn't a V8. Oh well.
  7. mdolan92869

    Minor Road Trip (~50 Miles), Cup Holder Incident

    Took the car, and my mom, out to drive around today, Orange county into LA county and back. Tried the intelligent cruise control, kind of liked it but felt strange being passed by all the other traffic. Mostly freeway, but about 25%-30% streets. The m/kWh started out great, 4.4 because of all...
  8. mdolan92869

    GBFE Available At Dealer

    I have a Premium RWD Extended range Infinite Blue on order, but who knows how long that will take. Looking at local dealer inventory, I see that one less than 20 miles from me has a Grabber Blue First Edition on the lot. I called to see if it was really for sale or was a demo, it was for sale...