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  1. 20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    My wife drives 80 miles a day also in rural NJ/PA. We bought the car for basically the same reason as you so glad to hear it working well. We've had it two weeks and no complaints yet either. Going to take it on a road trip next month camping. Considering most camp grounds have a 50amp service...
  2. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Surprisingly had a very pleasant experience purchasing this car. After getting the rebate/options numbers figured out before I showed up it was smooth sailing from the on out. $2500 rebate, X-Plan, no tax in New Jersey, and no added dealer crap like vin etching or anything made this the best...
  3. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Agreed. I think I'll be buying aftermarket wheels for the first time ever. (other then second sets for snow tires)
  4. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    I like the wheels on all the models so much better then the regular GT. The black wheels to me look so weird/cheap hub cap designish. Almost like a police steel wheel.
  5. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    They finally "figured it out" all the numbers look good according to what they told me over the phone. If everything checks out with options plan the total cost of ownership will be less then the MSRP which is great considering I get a lease-like payment for the first 4 years. This doesn't...
  6. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    As expected, the dealer keeps sending me pricing worksheets without the $2000 ford options incentive :rolleyes:
  7. Do incentives/ rates change 1st of the month or last business day?

    I'm picking up my vehicle on Saturday. Are the april ford options rates/ incentives still good then or do they change to May?
  8. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Unfortunately cannot pickup the vehicle before 4pm and during the week that's the only time their finance person is there... Soooooooo Gotta wait until Saturday even though the car is sitting at the dealer waiting for me lol.
  9. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    United road says it was delivered at the dealership at 10:43am. Ford tracker still not updated and no call from the dealership. I don't want to reach out myself because my distrust for dealers they may take this as an overeager sign to try and get more money out of me.
  10. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    In route with united road. Should be there today. I wonder if my dealer will be able to turn it around quick enough to have me pick it up today like originally scheduled. Wow the site also lets you track the actual vehicle carrier lol. This is pretty cool. I can see that its just down the road...
  11. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Pending pickup. A bunch that were pending pickup by carrier were picked today today so hopefully another truckload will be tomorrow with mine on it
  12. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    update: Been unloaded off the rail @ 10:36am United Road has two pickup locations for my dealership according to their website. FAPS Newark & Ford Auto Ramp Newark they are both 0.8 miles away from each other. FAPS - Port Newark is where my car left on a flat car this morning Ford Auto Ramp...
  13. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    In a crazy turn of events, norfolk now says it departed Newark rail terminal via flat car... I don't know where it's going considering that's the closest rail to my dealership I think? 0 shot I'm picking it up tomorrow hahah
  14. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang I put my VIN in and it has a load number & my dealerships name. Do you think that means it was delivered lol?
  15. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Same status since the 23rd. It's headed to New Jersey and suffern call bot said it was "unreadable blah blah auto ramp NJ" Idk if that means it's the end of tracking with suffern or where "auto ramp NJ" is but I think I'm close? I'm prelim scheduled to pick up the car on Wednesday even though I...
  16. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    So the robot on the phone said it was at an auto ramp In NJ. Couldn't make out the words it said before that. Something like X auto ramp NJ. Very close though. Scheduled to pick up the whip on Wednesday. Mentally preparing myself for the games they'll try to play in finance.
  17. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    New update. departed via "Flat car" @ 3am. What that mean?
  18. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Same status as yesterday. Basically in Pittsburgh PA. It said it was an "intermediate station". I looked at their rail map and they have a station a lot closer (Bethlehem, PA) but not sure if this is as far as it goes before it gets on a carrier?
  19. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Got railcar number from ford today and called the system. It arrived in Conway Pennsylvania today @8am. Still on its way to New Jersey so its only 1 state away now.
  20. 3/21/22 Build Week Gang

    Where do you see the estimated arrival dates? Mine was on the original email that told me production dates etc from Ford but nothing since then.