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  1. stlippert

    I had BlueCruise installed by Ford service. Here's what to expect...

    They had my car for a week to do the windshield/roof recall and install Blue Cruise. When my car was returned, I thought I had BC because the car indicated I was driving in BC areas. When I turned it on, it was NOT hands free. So, I'm not sure what I need to do.
  2. stlippert

    BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    I'm at 2.4.4 with no Blue Cruise. What's the magic update I need to get?
  3. stlippert

    Dealer add on junk (alarm, tint, paint protection, edge guards, etc) when you picked up your MME ?

    When demand exceeds supply (by a lot!), dealers have the power. It is my hope that the dealer franchise laws get loosened. That will fix the problem very quickly.
  4. stlippert

    Hey Ford - we want to know how BlueCruise actually works (and sometimes doesn't)

    My Blue Cruise tells me i am in a zone so I turn it on. But I've never enjoyed "Hands Free." I'm driving the same route every day. Are certain zones not Hand's Free or is it dependent on traffic/other factors. Right now it's no different than intelligent cruise.
  5. stlippert

    Ford Power-Up 2.5.2 OTA - Blue Cruise update - Video

    I'm baffled by this thread because everyone is getting the updates OTA. I got to 2.4 via OTA. I just took my car in for the windshield/roof recall and the service tech tells me there is a recall for the Blue Cruise and they would do that as well. It's now been over three days and they can't...
  6. stlippert

    What do these icons mean? (Out driving now)

    Charged my battery to 90% last night and it ended up with 177 miles. Doing the math, at 100% it would have been at 197 miles which is a 37% loss of distance on my LR battery. Anyone else seeing this much degradation?--garaged all night--25-35 degrees outside.
  7. stlippert

    Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    Stunning photos--as good as any I have seen of the car. Are you a photographer?
  8. stlippert

    Too many Mach-E’s!

    Live on Cincinnati's West side. Besides mine, have only seen two MME's since February.
  9. stlippert

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Also purchased in February 2021 and only have a measly 12,000 miles. :)
  10. stlippert

    Spare tire info

    I purchased the entire package which is conveniently in a carrying bag. Takes up a decent amount of space and it weighs 50 lbs. I don't recall what they charge. Here's their link:
  11. stlippert

    Spare tire info

    For better or worse, I bought ModernSpare's product and carry it with me. I hope I never need it, but it's peace of mind. All my prior cars had spares. I've only had to use one when I drove my wife's car over a spike in the ground. The tire was destroyed. To each his own.
  12. stlippert

    Am I the only one having a great PaaK experience?

    Am I the only one having a great PaaK experience? I was until I had the recall done. Since then, I have no PaaK, cannot reprogram my door code, or my start code (grayed out). I deleted my phone from the car and the car from my phone/profile, and then rebuilt it. But I cannot Set up Phone as...
  13. stlippert

    11K mile update

    Concur!! only positive interactions about my MME. People love it and want to see the interior. Even Tesla drivers have given me a thumbs up when passing!
  14. stlippert

    Do I need to bring it in?

    Mine goes in tomorrow. Could be interesting since they have not had one MME in for service yet. They know about the recall, probably have no idea how to do it. Also, hope they don't try to change the oil. . .
  15. stlippert

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Have you taken your MME in for the 10k and 20k mile checkups? Did your dealer know what to do? Any issues with your car?
  16. stlippert

    3200 Mile Road Trip from CA to TX - Lots of Electrify America charging issues :(

    I would ask how many people make trips like this one and how often? Agree that an ICE car would be a much choice, given how much time was spent charging (at WalMarts). You can't make good time stopping every 90 minutes. If I didn't own an ICE car I would rent one for this type of travel.
  17. stlippert

    Blue Cruise Quick Review

    I applied to be a beta tester for Blue Cruise, but haven't heard back about how to activate it. Is it possible I have it and don't know it. I don't have intelligent cruise turned on because it slams the brakes in construction zones. I suspect that needs to be on along with lane keeping...
  18. stlippert

    Mileage Complaint

    Range anxiety cured! Check out my Level 4! Home charger: Says I added 479 miles. Prior Home charge said it added 471 miles. All earlier charges were in the 200+ range. Anyone else seeing this?
  19. stlippert

    PAAK functional Survey

    25% never works/have no trust in it. 4% are disinterested. So the balance are using it. It works well for 20%. The second statement doesn't adequately parse out the reliability of it for the remaining 50%. Also a 174 person sample is likely not adequate for a car with 20,000ish owners.