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  1. generaltso

    FordPass 4.15.1 is out for iOS

    FordPass 4.15.1 is out for iOS. I'm guessing the "app launch issue" is the black screens we've all been seeing.
  2. generaltso

    FordPass 4.14.0 is available

    FordPass 4.14.0 is available for iOS.
  3. generaltso

    FordPass 4.13.0 released

    FordPass 4.13.0 has dropped for iOS. No useful release notes.
  4. generaltso

    BlueCruise now available through FDRS for Job 1 cars (maybe just for Early Access?)

    The final updates required for BlueCruise became available for me today in FDRS. After applying the GWM and APIM updates, I immediately got a message in FordPass saying that my BlueCruise subscription is now active. The hands-free menu item now appears under Cruise Control and the Hands-free...
  5. generaltso

    Inside EVs Interview with EVgo

    The 3rd episode in the Inside EVs series on infrastructure was with the Chief Commercial Officer of EVgo. Kinda interesting.
  6. generaltso

    Maybe some of these Sync features in the F-150 Lightning will come to the MME

    @OutofSpecKyle went through the Sync menus in an F-150 Lightning. Some of the stuff relates to towing, so wouldn’t apply to the Mach-E. But a few things stood out to me as things that might make their way to the MME, such as a bigger 360 camera display, a one-time charge limit setting, and the...
  7. generaltso

    Inside EVs Interview with Electrify America

    The Inside EVs podcast has kicked off a series of interviews focusing on charging infrastructure. The first one was with Electrify America, and I found it interesting.
  8. generaltso

    Spontaneous fires aren't just for EVs

    Park Outside: Hyundai, Kia Recall Vehicles Due to Fire Risk Hyundai and Kia are telling the owners of nearly 485,000 vehicles in the U.S. to park them outdoors because they can catch fire even if the engines are off...
  9. generaltso

    Alex on Autos: Mach-E Update And Goodbye After 10,000 Miles

    @AoA is getting rid of his MME.
  10. generaltso

    Out of Spec: Should you buy the IONIQ 5 or the Mustang Mach-E?

    Interesting video from @OutofSpecKyle. @Mach-E VLOG , is that your car? Edit: Nevermind, I just noticed Kyle said it was :)
  11. generaltso

    FordPass 4.10.0 is out

    FordPass 4.10.0 just dropped for iOS.
  12. generaltso

    CCS Chargers for Airplanes

    I went on a behind the scenes tour of our local airport with my son's Cub Scout pack yesterday and was surprised to see a couple of DCFC stations on the taxiway for charging electric airplanes. Kinda cool. Too bad my car was relegated to the parking lot plugged into a Tesla level 2 destination...
  13. generaltso

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21B53 - Some Mach-E built in July need an ECG update for PaaK to function

    I didn't see this one posted here yet even though it's from September. It looks like cars built between July 6, 2021 and July 24, 2021 could have a misconfigured ECG that prevents PaaK from functioning. There probably weren't too many cars that were built during that timefreame and delivered...
  14. generaltso

    FordPass 3.33.0 is out

    FordPass 3.33.0 for iOS just dropped.
  15. generaltso

    Tuxmats for Mach-E just released

    Tuxmat just released their custom floor mats for the Mach-E. The coverage looks great. I have a set in my wife's RAV4 Prime, and they're fantastic. I just ordered a set for the MME.
  16. generaltso

    FordPass 3.31.0 is out

    FordPass 3.31.0 has been released for iOS.
  17. generaltso

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    FordPass 3.30.0 just dropped (for iOS).
  18. generaltso

    ChargePoint Home Flex in stock at Amazon

    The ChargePoint Home Flex (14-50) is in stock at Amazon for $699 as of today (8/24). If you've been trying to find one, you'll probably want to jump on it soon before they go out of stock and the listing reverts back to resellers charging $1300+. ChargePoint Home Flex Electric...
  19. generaltso

    Mach-E eAWD Diagonal Test -- Better than most SUV!

    The eAWD system looks like it did a great job.
  20. generaltso

    Alex on Autos: eTron vs. Mach-E Range Test

    Thanks @AoA!