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  1. FDRS vs Dealer update

    I admire those of you who have gone the route of a FDRS license and updating on your own. I am also amazed at the number of posts in this forum about dealer-based updates going off the rails, failing, requiring long drawn out factory specialist engagements - things just not going smoothly...
  2. Ford not accepting outside financing on Mach-e?

    When I bought mine, July 2021, dealer told me it would cost $1k more if I didn't finance. I told them I would take the advertised Ford Credit - 1.9% for 60 months. The F&I goon called me a few hours later to report they got me "a sweet deal" with XXX monthly payment. Only after pressure did...
  3. Choice

    Check with your tax advisor - I do not believe yo;u will get the $7500 tax credit when you buy a delaer demo, as it is not "new".
  4. CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    Right after early MMEs get BlueCruise and remote frunk release.
  5. Car not charging when plugged in

    Are you using a "smart" charger that also has a schedule that also needs to be deleted?
  6. Can I mount Grizl-E as replacement for mounted Ford mobile charger?

    I too am seeing the mobile charger starting to fail. the Grizl-E 40 classic seems like the choice for me for a reliable dumb EVSE. My question: is the Grizl-e input cable long enough and flexible enough to allow mounting the unit similarly to the Ford Mobile charger - with the unit mounting...
  7. Jim Farley interview with The Verge has some interesting Mach E nuggets

    Is the Andoid based Sync the "total UI refresh"? In other words - is the total refresh yet another feature that won't be available to us early adopters? Like BlueCruise, remote frunk opener?
  8. Expected lifespan of Ford mobile charger?

    Does anyone have a technical assessment or real design data on the expected lifespan or duty cycle of the Ford Mobile Charger? It seems a bit "lightweight" for daily use-- which Im doing now. Honestly, I'd be OK to learn NOW it is not designed for daily use so I can: 1. put the mobile charger...
  9. What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    Perhaps: - the offender saw you were at max change, or near max charge. - they really needed a charge to get home or get to the hospital to visit their dying mother. - is new to all this EV owners and courtesy stuff, and is at this very moment is reading some Tesla forum and is sheepishly...
  10. BlueCruise/Co-Pilot 360 and the Law

    I think Blue Cruise Hands-free driving is required in New Hampshire. I've seen the highways signs
  11. updates ... updates ... UPDATES !!! 2.4.1 ...2.4.2 ...2.4.3 ...2.4.4. !!!

    Are you in the Early Access program, or just one of the innocent Job 1 owners waiting patiently? If the latter - this is truly newsworthy!
  12. Infotainment glitch?

    I've had this same "screen lost colors" twice over the last week or 2. It was only a problem on the radio display - all colers were present in Android auto apps. Once I did the dark/light display toggle and the colors were fine after that. Another time, the display retuened to normal...
  13. Question for anyone who plays music from a USB

    I gave up on using the USB for music directly after a few crashes (sync, not the car) I now use th usb connector now for my phone. Using Android Auto and musicolet as the music player. It is the best android app for stored music I could find. It just works!
  14. Mach-E Police Cars

    Public policy question - Isn't charging the patrol car at home the equivalent of paying for your own gas? I hope the Juicebox is smart enough to record your use - so fuel expenses can be reimbursed. Overall, this is a great test and public service to show the viability of using an BEV patrol...
  15. Ford to Impose Non-Negotiable Pricing on EV Sales as Part of Model E Division Plan

    What??? No more ADM?? What are they trying to do - ruin the dealer experience? But I hope we can still pay extra for paint treatment, fabric protector, tire wax, void-if-used extended warranties, asteroid strike insurance!! Why else do we need dealers?
  16. Recalls & Dealerships in Eastern Mass

    I would not recommend Kelly Ford in Beverly. I could not get a professional response to body damage that occured prior to delivery. Sales says talk to Service Manager Service Manager say talk to General Manager General Manager doesn't take or return phone calls Seems like we are learning what...
  17. "Get updates quicker"

    Do we expect to know how long the vehicle would need to be parked for the update? Minutes? hours? days? How can offer a schedule for the car to be parked, off with doors closed, etc if we don't know how long it will take?
  18. Did fordPass 4.10.0 fix Android power drain?

    Could it be true??? Did the 4.10.0 update end the Andoid power drain problems? Previously, some of us reported inconsistent but significant power drain problems on Android if trying to use FP as intended, advertised and sold as a feature on MME. (It was on my Monroney label as a working...
  19. Ford financing nightmare?

    I would ask for a representative (an officer of the corporation, or another agent designated to represent the company) of the dealer to either put it in writing that you must buy the extended warranty in order to get the publicly offered financing in the car. If they won't put that demand in...
  20. EA Charging Question- I got charged a Penny.

    The penny "charge" may have been a preauthorization of your payment source on record when the charge starts. Then when the charge is complete, the system confirmed they don't need to charge you after all.