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  1. RosarioM

    GT Updates?

    I have a GT without Blue Cruise that I pickled up in January (built in October). I haven’t seen any updates to the car at all. Anyone getting any updates to their GTs?
  2. RosarioM

    Anybody have a solution to get rid of the max 5sec power cut off

    There’s a 120 mph limiter and I find that even when it’s warm out, I get the bars when I’m in the 85+ mph range. I’ve never gone close to the limiter speed but I assume the power is cut as you approach the max speed so you don’t go over and risk speeds faster than what the tires and brakes can...
  3. RosarioM

    FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    All the time. It has never worked where I didn’t have to exit and go back in.
  4. RosarioM

    Range question

    You said you had the AC on right? We know cold weather decreases range on an EV. EVs are the opposite of ICEs. So by having the AC on you were cooling the truck which INCREASES range. It’s simple math. If you’re running out of gas blast the AC and you get at least another 50 miles of range.
  5. RosarioM

    FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    Why is it that when you set departure times it just gets stuck on loading and you have to get out and go back into the app? Anyone else get that?
  6. RosarioM

    Huge disappointment today

    What about switching to a gas dryer if you have Natural gas? You would need to make sure you are venting it outside and not into the garage.
  7. RosarioM

    My custom GT wheels aero cover removal + center cap install

    But why no pic of the result with the caps on the car? It’s confusing because in the third pic they are on the car and it makes it seem like that’s the end result when it’s the same as just removing the covers. OP where’s the final pic so we can all admire your work??
  8. RosarioM

    The Death of the Gas Station.

    I’m thinking it’s the cost of putting in fast chargers which is still a pretty big expense, especially for a privately owned station. Their amenities are also set up for a quick stop (grab a packaged snack or a coffee) and again it’s the capital expense for longer stays. Also keep in mind that...
  9. RosarioM

    Mustang Event

    The event was today and it was a lot of fun. There was a GTPE and Premium at one part of the event otherwise some really great classic and modern Mustangs. Everyone was very nice and only one or two snide remarks but all in good fun. Here are some pics from the event.
  10. RosarioM

    Grabber Blue and Blue Skies

    It was a long 8 month wait for mine.
  11. RosarioM

    GT performance acceleration versus Premium range

    You have to think of the GT like you are buying an ICE sports car. You don’t really think about range or gas mileage when you buy a sports car as much. Now the MME is different because it’s comfortable and has tons of space and the range is still pretty good but if it’s not enough for your daily...
  12. RosarioM

    Terminal Vehicles?

    I don’t think battery tech is there yet for there to be a forever car. I think the next 3 to 5 years will see a ton of advancements that will make our current cars look like the first bulky Motorola cell phones. Think about all the advancements in just the last three years.
  13. RosarioM

    Charging Station Congestion

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Even though a lot of people can charge at home so you don’t expect local traffic at charge stations, more and more you will have people who live in apartments who have no other option but to charge at charge stations. And the fact that most cars...
  14. RosarioM

    Mustang Event

    I love the v8 and I will def be stealing that idea.
  15. RosarioM

    Mustang Event

    I'm curious if anyone has been to an event like this and if they got a lot of "not a real Mustang" aggression from the attendees? I am planning to attend this but I'm genuinely concerned that I will get a ton of hate from the Mustang "purists"...
  16. RosarioM

    Kia EV6 GT

    Electric cars have turned performance into a commodity. Pretty soon you are going to have mini vans performing better than the hypercars of just a few years ago. When that happens, (some would argue is already has) then its less about 0-60 and quarter mile time and more about handling, weight...
  17. RosarioM

    My GB GT with new wheels installed

    Wow that's more than I would have expected....
  18. RosarioM

    My GB GT with new wheels installed

    Not to get in the middle of this but OP never asked for anyone’s opinion. He was showing everyone what he did. Not saying anything was also an option…
  19. RosarioM

    My GB GT with new wheels installed

    Any noticeable difference in range?