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  1. Rabidsquirrel22

    GTPE vs. Rivian R1T Drag Race

    Out of Spec did a drag race palooza with every EV model they could get their hands on vs the R1T. The GTPE race starts around 9:42. Unfortunately no draggy or times, but the Mach-E clearly didn't win. Seeing all the snow in the background, I wouldn't be surprised it if had a few gray bars...
  2. Rabidsquirrel22

    Dead Car Thanks to Cold Temps Causing HVB Module Errors

    Got a call from my fiancé about an hour ago that the Mach-E wouldn’t start after her 14 hour shift at the hospital. All sorts of warnings were popping up on the dash; Stop safely now, service advance trak, the whole nine yards. 74% SoC so no idea why the car wasn’t keeping the 12V in good shape...
  3. Rabidsquirrel22

    Bloomberg: Ford is Reengineering Mach-E in Real Time to Boost Profit

    Ford Reengineers Plug-In Mustang In Real Time to Boost Profit - Bloomberg Ford Motor Co. is reengineering its electric Mustang Mach-E on the fly to make it more profitable, an approach that portends big changes in how the automaker designs and builds vehicles. Chief Executive Officer Jim...
  4. Rabidsquirrel22

    Blacked Out Center Screen After Remote Start

    My car has a developed a very annoying bug. When I remote start the car using FordPass, then go get in the car and start it, the center screen does not turn on. It remains blacked out but still functional (I can change the volume, channels, etc. by touching the screen). I've had to resort to the...
  5. Rabidsquirrel22

    Mach-E EPA Range Estimates Updated on Ford's Website

    I just noticed that they updated the ordering page with the 91 kWh usable battery and new EPA range estimates. Select RWD - 247 miles +17 mi Select AWD - 224 miles +13 mi Premium RWD - 247 miles +17 mi Premium AWD - 224 miles +13 mi Premium Ext. Range RWD - 303 miles +3 mi Premium Ext...
  6. Rabidsquirrel22

    Edmunds: Mach-E GT vs. Model Y Performance Comparison Review

    We all knew this comparison was coming. Tesla Model Y Performance vs. Ford Mach-E GT | Electric SUV Comparison | Price, Range & More - YouTube
  7. Rabidsquirrel22

    Michigan FS: GT Continental CrossContact RX Tires - SOLD

    I purchased a set of GT aero wheels & tires to use as my winter setup on my GTPE. I've since decided I want to run dedicated winter tires with this set of wheels, so I'm selling the Continental all-seasons. The original owner put about 1k miles on the tires. Basically brand new. I haven't...
  8. Rabidsquirrel22

    GT Buyers: Would you attend a performance driving experience if offered?

    Ford currently offers many different exclusive events for buyers of their 'special' vehicles. These include the Ford ST SUV Experience for Edge and Explorer ST buyers, a track attack program for Shelby & Mach-1 buyers, and the Off-Rodeo for Bronco buyers. Personally, I would love it if they...
  9. Rabidsquirrel22

    Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition Hit Final EPA Range of 270 miles and 260 miles!

    Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition Hit Final EPA-Estimated Range of 270 miles and 260 miles | DEARBORN, Mich., June 23, 2021 – Today, Ford announced that the Mustang Mach-E GT and Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition have completed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...
  10. Rabidsquirrel22

    Future CarPlay Enhancement Shown in F-150 Lightning Video

    I was watching this Lightning walk around when I happened to notice that their CarPlay demo looked a little more... fullscreen. Hopefully the Mach-E will be getting this update soon!
  11. Rabidsquirrel22

    European Mach-E has heated front windshield confirmed

    I was watching another Mach-E video by Bjorn and he pointed out that his test car has a heated front windscreen, as well as did a close-up showing the wiring on it. I saw a few people questioning whether or not this was true, so I wanted to post some proof. I'm really at a loss why Ford would...
  12. Rabidsquirrel22

    Video: Cuautitlan Plant Employees Drive the Mach-E on Factory Test Track

    This was posted on our company homepage today. See video @ Cuautitlan Plant Feels the Power of Mustang Mach-E 100 salary employees at Cuautitlan...