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  1. markboris

    Removing Visor Warning Stickers

    I was asked by Rod in another thread to explain how I removed the visor warning stickers so here it is. I do many small mods like this on my cars but rarely post them unless asked. I am not a fan of bright yellow and white stickers messing up the look of a black interior and most of my...
  2. markboris

    Interior Ice Blue Accent Lighting

    I created a thread in the DIY Guide Forum #1 but thought maybe I should post a couple of photos here also.
  3. markboris

    Adding Interior Accent Lighting

    I realized after I saw the beautiful interior photos of the Mercedes EQS thread, I figured I would make one on how I added some accent lighting in my car. I went with the color ice blue for two reasons. One, to match all the switch lighting and the down-lights in the overhead console (which...
  4. markboris

    Eights months with Premium, three days with GT/PE

    In several other threads here these past few months, I have mentioned my 3 reasons for wanting to switch from a Premium to a GT/PE (seats, magneride suspension and different front end) but decided to make a thread now that I actually have both. I've been asked to check if the OEM premium wheels...
  5. markboris

    Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT Concept at SEMA

    This concept was shown a few days ago at SEMA but did't see it here on this forum. If I missed it, then delete this thread.
  6. markboris

    Having Puddle Lamps come on anytime you open Mach-E door

    Let me start out by saying I never see the puddle lamps light up on my Mach-E because I don't have the welcome lighting feature turned on. Even if I did, they would only come on when the car is locked, mirrors are folded and you approach it starting from outside the PAAK/fob range. The reason...
  7. markboris

    Grabber Blue Mach-E GT Performance Edition at Oshkosh Airshow (Exterior + Interior)

    A friend of mine just took these photos for me at the Oshkosh airshow. While the base GT has all black seats with black miko suede and copper stitching, the Performance Edition has black seats with gray miko suede with an inset metallic design and silver stitching. The door panels and dash...
  8. markboris

    Customized my Mach-E steering wheel

    Along with some other forum members here, I really liked the pre-production steering wheel that Ford had shown with the space gray interior in their press photos. The steering wheel was trimmed off in space gray on the lower section. Back a few months ago, I contacted Leo over at Exclusive...
  9. markboris

    Adding a Rear Hatch Power Switch Inside

    While I do use the rear hatch somewhat often, I always kick under the bumper to open it (had an Escape for 4 years and was use to it) but rarely need to open or close it from the inside. I was at a friends this morning who also has a Mach-E and she said the one thing she misses is a simple...
  10. markboris

    Adding a decent subwoofer/amp to your Mach-E

    WARNING: This is a long winded write up of my very simple, easy and fairly inexpensive upgrade for the sub bass of the Mach-E audio system. Once I started typing, I figured I would explain also why I did it not just how I did it. A couple of days ago, I had no intentions on upgrading the lack...
  11. markboris

    Can someone explain this odd subwoofer design?

    So last night I was finishing up my sound deadening project on the car and only had inside the rear quarter panels left to do. After removing the right side loadspace trim panel, I found the very cheap looking 6x9 paper cone woofer in a very small plastic enclosure just large enough to hold...
  12. markboris

    Adding ambient lighting in the rear door storage area

    This is a very quick and easy way to add ambient lighting in the rear door storage area. I had taken the door panels off to sound deaden the doors and thought of adding some lighting to the rear doors but had some other projects going so never got around to it. Then went to have the windows...
  13. markboris

    Unusual Window Regulator

    I just got my car over the weekend and one of the first things I do besides replace wheels and tires (wheels on order) is sound deaden the car. I always start with the doors and in pulling off the door panels yesterday, I found something I have never seen before. Normally the window motor and...
  14. markboris

    Outside Fake Engine sound

    My friend just brought his new Mach E here a couple of days ago for me to check it out (I don't get mine until next month). I was surprised to hear the fairly loud fake engine noise on the outside of the car when he pulled it into the garage. My neighbor has a brand new Tesla Model Y and it is...
  15. markboris

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    I've been trying to figure out what wheels I am going to go with and usually have them before I even get my cars. I had the wheels for my GT500 two months before I got it. I have purchased many wheels for many cars and trucks but recently only been using Signature Wheels. Not going to get...