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  1. New GTPE Space White in Idaho

    That's why I like the Space White color as well. You'll never get bored as the color changes under different lighting. I saw one out here in overcast It was like almost pink.
  2. Door pockets. Useless waste of space.

    It's good for putting your masks as you can see. Lol
  3. Door pockets. Useless waste of space.

    Yes these panels get scratched easy (first day home) and you can't buff it out through normal means. So I got this.
  4. Seat Covers

    Count me in for Iwhite leather. By the time it gets worn in and dye from clothing rubs on it will match the light space gray. Then later I use the other one to replace. Assuming you can only buy in pairs.
  5. Can't set up phone as a key

    Me. It acknowledges that my phone is set up to use as key. I get to the Code they want me to write down for the next screen. Then It tries to pair with the car. And it says failed or what have you. Then I get a link in fordpass that says "Resume Key Setup" But I can remote start my car -...

    IBSM and Space White are my favorite colors.
  7. Brake lights and one pedal driving.

    Yeah I would think they would have something like that. I haven't tested it myself (at night) or someone following me at night to give me feedback. I haven't had any pissed off drivers yelling at me or honking though. 1PD feels very natural to me. And I've used the actual brake pedal too...
  8. Brake lights and one pedal driving.

    I agree with these posts about brake lights coming as you are letting off, decelerating. I have been driving the Mach E for about three weeks now and have been using 1PD about half of the time. They could have designed it to where it does give the affect of "engine braking" , no brake lights...
  9. Ford service plan: worth it?

    Ok after reading alot about the maintenance in EV. I decided I will cancel. I let the finance lady know that I want to cancel. Thank you for letting me know about that fine print.
  10. GT-PE Bay Area to Washington and Back

    You can get a temporary wrap one poster here told me about... Or a Bra/mask. This one would be the one I buy if they made one for our car. I told them if they can make one. They replied I think if there is a demand...
  11. Side mirrors tilt down in reverse?

    My Hyundai 08' for crying did this, loved it. A switch if you want it to tilt down or not. But you have the 360 camera guess you don't need it really.
  12. Thoughts about the $7500 rebate

    The govt takes about 40% tax out of my paycheck. I don't itemize either because I don't have to just straight forward. I think I should get all. I do my taxes myself because it's easy.
  13. Thoughts about the $7500 rebate

    I went with Ford Options financing. So I do qualify for the tax credit because it is not a lease it's a retail contract? Just want to confirm. Geez I'm starting to sound like the posters on that Ford options vs lease sticky lol.
  14. My GT is here!

    If they had a GT RWD option that would have been sitting in my garage right now. Congrats.
  15. GT-PE Bay Area to Washington and Back

    I am not ready yet to put my dog in the Mach E I even bought a hammock style seat cover that has flaps to cover the inside door panel area. I also got socks to put over his paws. Dirt I can clean scratches no.
  16. Ford service plan: worth it?

    There is one. I know whoever reads this will be shaking there head. I maybe sticking with it. I do got 30 days. My first EV. Not my last. QUOTE="Neil4Real, post: 417456, member: 5454"] Read your fine print, the warranty, and possibly this maintenance plan, can be cancelled within 30 days or...
  17. Ford service plan: worth it?

    Will do thanks
  18. Ford service plan: worth it?

    I should have looked into these maintenance threads other than the color club threads LOL. I took the bait and did the 3 year service plan. Added 25$ to my monthly. Anyway I really like the car. I hope I keep liking and it will make me want to go to a GT. Then I will know better. My first EV.

    Get her under the sun see more silverish.
  20. Understanding Regen Braking

    Been using whisper mostly in city- suburb driving, Engage and bridled in freeway. Thanks, they could have made it for all three modes lol. Easy OTA update.