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  1. Bluecruise quirkiness

    Weird situation earlier today… Driving along highway, BC activated normally. Suddenly the car like panicked and started prompting and beeping to “resume control”. Couldn’t get it to realize I took control back, turning off cruise control a few times got it to chill out. Then got a warning...
  2. Intelligent Range now being enabled on Early Access Program Mach-E

    Yes... but are you getting in or are you waitlisted?
  3. Intelligent Range now being enabled on Early Access Program Mach-E

    Has anyone actually gotten into EA recently? I signed up last September and i'm still waitlisted...
  4. 5 Second Battery Limit due to Battery manufacturer?

    wouldn't surprise me... everyone has their own warranties, concerns, etc. I guess I figured it was more tied to the capacitor than the battery... but who knows.
  5. When Your Mach E Runs Out Of Juice!

    He made a comment that the bumper charging wires will allow the doors to be open... is that actually to jump the 12V? I thought that was just a mechanism to pop the hood up, then you'd have to jump the 12V?
  6. FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    I’m broken as well :( did a reset after seeing 2 days of stale data did they maybe change the api with the latest release?
  7. CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    🙏🙏 now how much will the upcharge for non Tesla use… that will be really big for folks in the northeast, especially CT folks. Super chargers line i95/Merritt parkway with minimal EA coverage
  8. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Eh. I used adaptive cruise and lane centering pretty frequently with just a light finger on the wheel… so was already pretty comfortable and trusting of the car… this isn’t that much more advanced in theory
  9. Software Feature Suggestion - Hold

    Do you use 1PD? I use 1PD... slow to a stop (stopped traffic, red light, etc.) and never touch the brake... so it never activates the "hold"... but then if i'm on a hill or extended stop, ill tap the brake to activate the hold. Seems like same intention?
  10. A driver and passenger seatback kick protector, protect your seat back from kicking and scratches?

    Very similar to the one I have. I hate that it straps across the driver seat sitting area
  11. A driver and passenger seatback kick protector, protect your seat back from kicking and scratches?

    Any reason why it doesn’t cover the full seat? I’ve got a crappy one now for two young kids in car seats… have to go look at mine, but I think their feet land higher than this would cover looks sleek!!
  12. Tire rotation frequency?

    Cool, thanks all! Helpful!
  13. Tire rotation frequency?

    How often does everyone rotate tires? I know EV has harder tire wear…. Is it worth doing it every 5k instead of 10k?
  14. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. Trust the machine!! :) only complaint I have, is like others, I’m super surprised we don’t get an audio cue When BC disengages. Seems like a bit of a safety concern to me.
  15. Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    I’d love to know more about this. Like what’s going on in the background at ford right now? Is there active monitoring of dealership updates? Proactively taking actions on things?
  16. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    regarding updates… manual Frds updates and ota updates are unrelated and don’t correlate to each other (probably should ford…) go into general > about sync and you should see 4.0.22095 revision 421 regarding BC- yeah, under adaptive control you should see hands free. When you activate adaptive...
  17. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    yep look under adaptive cruise control. Should say “hands free” under one of the options…. Then just turn on the cruise control like you normally would. You’ll get a warning about bluecruise that you have to OK every time (kinda annoying). You’ll see the hands free come up on the left and may...
  18. updates ... updates ... UPDATES !!! 2.4.1 ...2.4.2 ...2.4.3 ...2.4.4. !!!

    I highly doubt it’s an infrastructure issue. Data and bandwidth is just $$ these days and easy to implement I think it’s more risk based. if you’re doing an OTA update and something goes terribly wrong, you could leave people without a working car If it’s in a dealership, it’s in a safe...
  19. TSB 22-2117 - Fix for Stuck Power-Up 1.7.1 Update

    Ha- im dealing with same. Sounds like dealerships aren’t used to people being smarter than them on something new they’re just trying to figure out. Really appreciate this community and all the troubleshooting help that occurs!!