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  1. DRuth086

    Ford delays switch to Android Automotive until 2023

    Last February, Ford announced that it was partnering with Google for its infotainment operating system. The automaker had used Blackberry QNX as the underlying OS for Sync 4, but like many other manufacturers, it has found Android Automotive to be a compelling alternative. Unfortunately for...
  2. DRuth086

    Projo: RI will once again offer rebates on electric cars.
  3. DRuth086

    Which of the 2.4.X series have you received?

    Thought it would be helpful to get an accurate reflection of where the 2.4.X series stands.
  4. DRuth086

    Rear Hatch Issues

    Everything has been going swimmingly with my Mach-E. Until two days ago when my rear hatch has been acting up. Using the fob to open it, it only opens a few inches. Trying the foot activation, same thing. The internal buttons don’t do any thing other than prompt the three chime error sound. It...
  5. DRuth086

    FireTV on Ford Models

    I wonder if this means that the Alexa integration seen in some Mach-E screenshots means further features via FireTV? They don't mention the Mach-E, but the screen seems prime for this kind of functionality.
  6. DRuth086

    TSB 21-2307 Water Leak Into Liftgate

    I take my Mach-E to the car wash frequently (I know, I know) and I noticed a significant amount of water coming into the back hatch as I would towel dry it. Thanks to the forum for pointing out TSB 21-2307! I took it to be fixed, the dealer (which is less than stellar) followed the directions...
  7. DRuth086

    Range Monitor Reset

    Hi all! I've noticed recently that my range estimates are lower than normal on the monitor. Normally at 90%, I'd be around 235-255 miles. Now I'm getting an estimate of 205-215 miles. Is that simply due to cooler temperatures in New England with fall coming? It also seems inaccurate...I left my...