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  1. scoopman

    I installed EV Hover ..... and I made a video of it.

    This is very useful for my garage setup .... but very pricy.
  2. scoopman

    Revised Charging Curve: Video and Data! (Nearly 1 Hr Faster!)

    Finally, I finished my little project of logging and vlogging the entire revised charging curve from 0-100%. Enjoy! Here's the summary graph that shows what I found:
  3. scoopman

    Staying in garage for a week: To charge, or not to charge?

    We're going on our first trip in a while without Mach N Cheese, who will remain tucked inside our garage for 10 days. I'm putting a battery tender on my 12V during that time with float to hopefully keep that healthy, so the LVB should be maintained at 100%-ish the whole time. Current SOC is...
  4. scoopman

    Departure Time (preconditioning) and stress to HVB electronics

    As many of you know, I just had my High Voltage Battery Junction Box replaced. It failed in some way, perhaps through electrical arcing, and was "stuck" closed, cutting off the HVB from the rest of the car. This was not a fun experience. Since getting my car back, I've been very aware and...
  5. scoopman

    Mach N Cheese had a playdate .... with a Rivian!

    A new “friend” in Rivian Launch Green visited Mach N Cheese last weekend. We checked it out inside and outside, and I took a short ride on streets and the highway. Here’s my short take. I don't like camping. I like hotels. I don't know what to do in an REI, and I never have thought "oh...
  6. scoopman

    👋+👍 = Sunday Mach camaraderi-E

    So @MrRossKeys is over for FDRS session #3 to update his First Edition so he can finally have Blue Cruise .... and @pacman7474, attracted by the objects in my driveway and with a MME almost about to be built, approaches me and says "excuse me, but is this Mach N Cheese?" (basically he said...
  7. scoopman

    🫣😱 Towing Tips & How NOT to Tow a Mach-E (with video 🍿)

    I'm working on an extensive write up of my poor experience with towing and Ford Roadside. In the meanwhile, I'm posting here some of the tips I learned from my "experience" today getting my Mach-E towed from my garage onto a flatbed and to my dealer. And of course, the full tow on video! (I'm...
  8. scoopman

    Update Apr 8: 😭Mach N Cheese: STOP SAFELY NOW!😭

    Yup. Cheesemobile was in my garage all night, and I plugged it in this morning to my L2 (as I forgot to do so last evening). I have code P0AA1: Hybrid battery positive contactor -- circuit stuck closed and after clearing, P1A10: Hybrid Powertrain Control Module - Battery Disabled Question for...
  9. scoopman

    "SECONDS" Time Codes in Car Scanner Data Logs

    I've been examining some data logs from my OBD-II port with the Car Scanner app. In these logs, the PIDs and values are preceded by a "SECONDS" value which looks something like this: 49700.581779. It's always 5 digit followed by another 6 digits. It goes up in chronological time order...
  10. scoopman

    I need to stop "enjoying" my torque so much .... New shoes installed!

    .... or I need a tire sponsorship for Mach N Cheese. I do drive my car hard and I've taken it on several canyons along the way, including up Angeles Crest Highway in SoCal. But I really have shredded my tires. (it's even wear and rears are worn too). I'm investigating what to get, but...
  11. scoopman

    Some YouTube Fun: The Adventures of Mach N Cheese

    Please be kind, my first effort and this is not my "day job" :-)
  12. scoopman

    Project Tow Hook ..... or mitigating a $28,000 worry

    It was a nice morning, and so the kids and I decided to implement Project Tow Hook, my solution to the problem caused by the various holes and lack of tow hook screw on the US-spec Mach-E. You've seen the rare horror stories of unfortunate owners who have called Ford for a tow, and have been...
  13. scoopman

    who picked up my cancelled Rapid Red GTPE at Frontier Ford?

    So way back in the springtime, I ordered a "backup" 2021 GTPE in Rapid Red with pano roof and Blue Cruise/360 cam in case the dealer on my first order succeeded in messing with me. They did not succeed. And the red car is on the Polar Express choo choo and is going to land in the Bay Area...
  14. scoopman

    PAAK unreliable with Pixel 6

    Santa visited early this year and left a Pixel 6 in my stocking. So far, after 3 days, I'm finding PAAK quite unreliable with it, unfortunately. The Pixel 6 has the latest Dec update (I did not try this before taking the Dec update, which was released just after I got the phone). I have the...
  15. scoopman

    Look at my rear end! (Or, spoilers ahead!)

    Just got the AOSK rear spoiler today and threw it on. Very good fitment as you can see from the photos.
  16. scoopman

    SecuriAlert schedule not working

    So I'm on a road trip and I'd like to enable SecuriAlert at night at my hotel. It doesn't seem that I'm able to tap on the "Your Schedules" option to set and automatic schedule like I'd like to do. It does nothing on my Android version of the app. What am I missing here? Thanks
  17. scoopman

    Anyone going to Matt Farah's Cars & Coffee this Sunday?

    I'm going to be in SoCal this next week, and thinking about taking my fast yellow school bus down to Matt Farah's (aka Smoking Tire) Cars & Coffee in Santa Monica this Sunday morning. Info: Anyone else planning to be there?
  18. scoopman

    Anyone here with a Star White MME driving on CA-85N in NorCal Sunday @ 4pm?

    If you're here, we saw you while we were in whisper BlueCruise super-chillin' mode in the middle lane driving back from our first road trip in Mach N Cheese. We waved but didn't get a wave back, oh well. Is there a secret wave we need to learn? We really wanted to play with you, but my SoC...
  19. scoopman

    Horrible first EA experience today

    I took my new GTPE to the nearest EA station to my house today to try DCFC on it for the first time, and to see if Plug & Charge would work. I got far more than I bargained for, as out of the 6 spots, one had an ID.4 charging, one had a broken charger, and 3 were taken up by 2 Teslas shopping...
  20. scoopman

    ? Meet "Mach N Cheese" my Cyber Orange GTPE ?

    After waiting since placing a reservation in December 2019 (longer than the gestation period of an African bush elephant), I present to you "Mach N Cheese!" Here was my son seeing it for the first time when I picked him up yesterday from daycare: I'm going to periodically post...