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  1. TonyaE

    I need help understanding phone setup with multiple phones

    PaaK- I know you can set up more than one profile. My question is, I want my work phone to be primary during the day ( until 5 pm) and then personal phone. I want music from my personal phone while answering calls and texting with both phones. Is that possible? I like to leave my personal phone...
  2. TonyaE

    Dealerships or No dealerships? POLL

    I’ve been thinking about do we really want the dealership model to go away, hear me out before you chop off my head. I know right now it’s a seller’s market, but not forever? Pros of dealerships: More options for the customer. Built relationships with local dealers, better deals? In normal...
  3. TonyaE

    Mad enough to eat nails!

    Update 5/2/22 Received email from dealership. They will not negotiate on this $899 advantage program. My options are to suck it up or take the time to shop for Dealers close to me and discuss my options. I don’t have time to mess with it now, but I will be calling Ford corporate first and go...
  4. TonyaE

    12v battery recall

    Have you guys heard about a battery recall? Someone posted on another site that dealer would not sell 2021 due to battery recall. I figured you guys would be in the know. Thanks😊
  5. TonyaE


    I ordered my car online with Ford. First time I have ever ordered a car this way. I ordered on 1/25. Went to local dealership on 1/26, only dealer in town, because the color was wrong. The internet salesman was very responsive and helped me fix my order immediately. I asked about ADM. Response...
  6. TonyaE

    Fun question…no overthinking!

    If Jim Farley came to you and said “We need to strip your car of all its fun features except one.” What would you save?? I don’t have my car yet, but the Pony puddle lights make me smile every time I see it. Saved.
  7. TonyaE

    Women who own this car!!

    Ladies, I need your perspective on ownership of the MME. I see the menfolks posting all kinds of technical data. All kinds of gadgets they use and problems I would have no idea where to even start with troubleshooting.🤷🏾‍♀️ Basically, I want a reliable car. Get up, go to work, shop, come home...
  8. TonyaE

    Did you name your Mustang Mach-e?

    I need name ideas. So far I like SB for silver bullet. I have plenty of time to ponder.
  9. TonyaE

    May production?

    Wondering if any January orders received a scheduled production date? I checked this morning, nothing. Is there anything I can do to move my order along quicker? I’m ok with the park assist prep kit. Should I tell my salesman that? This is my first experience ordering online. I’m trying to...