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  1. FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    Show me if my doors are locked or unlocked. Should have been included day 1.
  2. FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    Funny but that doesn’t happen to me. I turned it off and it stayed off.
  3. GT PPF

    Just got mine done professionally. Over and under the XPEL PPF with ceramic. Only shop I've heard of doing that and many satisfied clients I talked to. Happy with the results. My car was by far the cheapest in the shop though lol.
  4. Dealer can't locate OEM tires for my GT.

    Dealer actually responded that they found it. My guess is they went through Tire Rack as well. Earliest delivery is Monday according to both TR and Dealer so it makes sense. Price matches also. I'll have to wait till day after Thanksgiving for install though because we head out of town tomorrow...
  5. Dealer can't locate OEM tires for my GT.

    200 miles on my new GT and this happens this morning. Tired the dealer and several tire shops and they all want to replace because it's so close to sidewall. Problem is no one can find a matching tire. The CrossContact RX isn't even listed on Continental's website. Anyone have any experience...
  6. iPhone Qi Wireless Charging

    Pretty sure it's the iPhone camera bump preventing the charging. My iPhone 13 pro works fine on every charger because theny don't take up the entire back leaving the camera bump exposed. The Mach E's charging mat does not allow for this and the camera bump raises the edge of the phone slightly...
  7. iPhone Qi Wireless Charging

    Thanks but my problem isn’t with CarPlay connection . It’s charging on the Qi pad. I’ve resorted to a cable for now which has the added bonus of lossless audio using apps that support it.
  8. iPhone Qi Wireless Charging

    iPhone 13 pro (non max) on iOS 15.1 and the charging mat will only charge for about 30sec to a few mins before it loses charging connection. Tried with and without case and little to no difference.
  9. PowerTrain Malfunction

    I have seen multiple Mach-Es "off the truck" at 38 miles. 16 seems low.
  10. GT PPF

    Yeah I just re-read the email he sent me. Says they have the GT templets but he couldn't put them in the email for some reason.
  11. GT PPF

    Got a quote form an installer who came highly recommended. Ceramic below and ontop of Xpel PPF. $3995
  12. Don't be scared!

    I spent the last 6 months after my test drive and subsequent order surfing these here forums. I have agonized over the problems I am gonna probably have with this car after reading post after post after post. Yesterday my GT was delivered and all I have experienced is pure adrenaline JOY. 15 min...
  13. Thread for people who used to be grumpy but have gotten their Mach-E's and happy now

    Yesterday I was Grumpy.... ...Today I am not.
  14. DARK MATTER GRAY Mach-E Club

    DMG does look black in low light. I love it.
  15. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Well I am officially GRUMPY. Exactly 6 months ago I placed my order. 1 week ago my car arrived at the final rail head and is awaiting truck delivery to my dealer. There is no ETA and the dealer says they haven't had a truck in weeks. From what I understand the car won't leave the depot until...
  16. Pallsapp info

    What dealer? Do you have a VIN? My car has the same dates and I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m in MD.
  17. Dangerous System Failure - locked up on highway!

    Why is the X so confusing for people?
  18. Rail Yard Hold for Quality Control

    I’m hearing quality control might be code lingo for damaged while shipping or stop sale for recall.
  19. Pallsapp info

    They are coming from there apparently just don’t seem to show up for me.