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  1. RosarioM

    GT Updates?

    I have a GT without Blue Cruise that I pickled up in January (built in October). I haven’t seen any updates to the car at all. Anyone getting any updates to their GTs?
  2. RosarioM

    Mustang Event

    I'm curious if anyone has been to an event like this and if they got a lot of "not a real Mustang" aggression from the attendees? I am planning to attend this but I'm genuinely concerned that I will get a ton of hate from the Mustang "purists"...
  3. RosarioM

    Strange Compliment

    So last night I was in a parking lot and I see a guy checking out my car. Not unusual as many have noted in many threads here, the MME gets looks. As I approach to get in he says “I love the wheels on your car.” I was taken aback and said “thank you?” thinking he was being sarcastic. I have...
  4. RosarioM

    Need Opinions

    I'm not a big fan of the GT rims and have been thinking about Plasti dipping them all black. I did a little bit of Photoshop to see what they might look. I feel like the chrome on the rims make no sense given there is no chrome or silver anywhere else on the car. Thoughts?
  5. RosarioM

    Why isn’t it faster than the model Y?

    Don’t get me wrong I love my car and it’s WAY more speed than I need but a question keeps nagging at me. Why didn’t Ford do everything they could to make the GTPE outperform the Model Y performance? Clearly the Mach e was Fords answer to Tesla. There was a good year between the regular Mach e...
  6. RosarioM

    Left speakers not working

    So I had a strange issue yesterday. I started the car and it connected to phone via CarPlay and started playing music. Except something was off. All the music seemed to be coming from the passenger side speakers. I went into the sound settings and when I moved the circle icon to the left, I got...
  7. RosarioM

    Best range you’ve ever gotten

    I’m curious what the best range anyone has gotten (with the perfect temp and conditions) on a GT or GTPE.
  8. RosarioM

    I don’t want to race you…

    So I use my grabber blue GT for my daily commute. Since I’ve had the car, almost every night on my drive home someone in some s&$#box thinks I want to race them. They pull up behind me and think they’re Ricky Bobby and NASCAR around and pass me on the right side and take off. Their little 2...
  9. RosarioM

    Porsche Cayman

    Sometimes you just feel it. Someone pulls next to you at a red light, there’s no traffic ahead and you know the guy wants to do a bit of racing. It happened today. A Porsche Cayman pulls up close behind me then moves next to me at a red light. Clear road ahead of us, the light turns green and we...
  10. RosarioM

    Whisper vs unbridled rolling

    Has anyone noticed that in unbridled mode the car breaks when you release the accelerator even if you don’t have one pedal driving or auto hold on? Much more so than in whisper mode? I even see the regen bar go up a lot more in unbridled. Is it some safety thing or is it forcing the regen to...
  11. RosarioM

    GT Wheel Dip?

    Curious if anyone has done or is considering dipping their standard GT rims. I was thinking going all black or a matte black for the silver parts.
  12. RosarioM

    Panoramic roof weight

    Does anyone know if the panoramic roof weighs significantly more than the metal or is it about the same? Are there any advantages (either performance or range) to one or the other?
  13. RosarioM

    Installing 360 Camera option after sale?

    When I ordered my ME, I didn't want the panoramic roof or Blue Cruise. What I didn't know at the time was that without one of those options, you don't get the 360 degree cameras. Anyone know if it's possible to add that? Like maybe the hardware is there and can be added by the dealer? I...
  14. RosarioM

    I can't be the only one...

    Anyone else annoyed that the car icon on the corner of the screen is not a GT?
  15. RosarioM

    Preconditioning question

    Does anyone know If I have the car set to precondition and then do not end up going out, does it stop and go back to just being plugged in or do I have to go unplug it and plug it back in? The FordPass status stays at cabin temperature set. I clicked on stop charging but it was already at my...
  16. RosarioM

    Got my GT today