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    New recall 22V333 : Software error prevents detection of unintended movement

    Small population of vehicles involved.
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    Volta Charging Experience

    I had my first public charging experience yesterday. It couldn't have been smoother, and it was free! I went to brunch and noticed that there were two Volta charging stations on the other side of the building from the restaurant. I parked, plugged in, and my car charged for 2 hours for $0...
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    At least there's no ADM to worry about... ??
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    New Charging Network Announced
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    Android Auto Error

    Recently my car has been having issues connecting wirelessly to my phone. I get a 'Connection Failed' message on the Sync screen and sometimes I also get the error below on my phone. I'm not ready to pin this on the 1.7.1 update quite yet but I believe it at least became more frequent around...
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    Good news for HI residents
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    This is REALLY not a Mustang! ??
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    Odd Charging Behavior

    I have had my car for 3 months now. I have the charging schedule set to 10pm-8am every day and max charge at 90%. Up until last night it has worked exactly as expected. I plug the car in when I park in the garage and it waits until 10 then charges to 90%. Last night for some reason it...
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    Good news for the Midwest
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    New ABB Charger Announced

    Some dubious info in this article, but good to hear about new chargers coming.
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    Departure time vs remote start & cabin temp differences

    So I had some time to do a little testing today. It was prompted by some other thread discussions where we were trying to figure out what the MME is doing to precondition the battery and where it was drawing power from. The first thing I wanted to find out is what the car would do if I set a...
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    National Drive Electric Week Salt River Fields Drive Electric Scottsdale, AZ Sep 25, 2021

    There is currently 1 MME owner registered. 32 Teslas. :eek::eek:
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    Improved EA CarPlay and AA Integration
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    EV & Chill 6 month review Isn't this the lady who was freaking out about dealer service?
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    Frequent WiFi Connections

    Has anyone else noticed their MME connecting to their home network several times a day for a minute or two then disconnecting? Any guesses as to why it's phoning home so much?
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    The real fob question

    Why did Ford use a fob without a remote start button?? We can remote start with FP. Departure times are basically a remote start event. Why no button?!?!? I wonder if you programmed a fob with the button to the MME if the remote start button would work? ? ?
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    Important Info from ADOT

    Having trouble viewing this email? Vehicle license tax formula for alternative fuel cars changing in 2022 Long-planned rate change will bring VLT parity for electric cars, traditional vehicles PHOENIX –...
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    Another FordPass oddity

    I consistently get this message when my car starts preconditioning for a set departure time. This is with the car plugged in and already charged to 90%. ??? Not a big deal. Just odd.
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    Road & Track on the Mach-E: only the C8 Corvette attracts as much attention The author states only the C8 Corvette attracts as much attention as the MME. ?
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    New Mach-E vs ID.4 Comparo Review

    AutoBlog likes the Mach E better. ?