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  1. Calling all Military/Veteran owners

    the 50's till the 70's off crew did their thing at ford island, I got to KAM, the missile tubes were converted to carry the Seals equipment had 2 dry dock boomer dude here
  2. GT-PE Bay Area to Washington and Back

    Awsome trip!!!! great mission,,, happy dog, you did freaking badassery!!!!!! I see that white stuff I curl in a ball and cry mommy
  3. new owner questions

    1. is there a way to turn off beeping on reverse? I park in a garage it's tight on both side. the beeping every time I pull out is just j necessary and would prevent real beeping I would want in case there's someone behind me I hacked mine and added a temp disable button...All but one EV I...
  4. Why the hate?

    Everytime I look at the MACH E I hear, Knight Rider Theme, Airwolf, and Streethawk....My wife came out of the store and some random girl stopped took a picture and said DAMN THAT CAR IS HOT....
  5. Why the hate?

    MY neighbor has 3 fords, a truck, and two cars, his only thing was why did they have to call it a mustang? but, he borrowed to go to the drive in, and low and behold, most popular person there, he stated even a tesla owner came and talked to him, he's a younger hard worker, not into technology...
  6. Ford's New Ad Pokes Fun at Elon Musk's Loud Mouth and Thin Skin

    BUILT IN AMER--- Assembled in Amer-- well, sold in America
  7. Are we in the Golden Age of electric cars LARGEST CHARGING NETWORK....
  8. Trip Experience: Areas where Chargers being "ICEed" out / EV vandalism is (sadly) common

    There's a thread on another from about nasty charging experiences, should we start one also? Has anyone had someone try and cut you stating they need the charger more than you ? I am 50/50 on why people don't like EV's, the horse isn't going to last, the gas car isn't going to last, you did...
  9. Are we in the Golden Age of electric cars

    @SWO Fellow veteran I work with was giving me an earful about where do you think we are getting electricity it's not really green (we were both on submarines together.) dude, I don't care where there electricity comes from, for all I care, get a bunch of inmates on stationary bikes to pedal -...
  10. Drop the mike

    Than you so much
  11. Drop the mike

    Well, Pilots...MME is gone, and I'm off to new adventures in Japan. Those that have been in touch and need anything (HABU-SAKE) drop me a TEXT/ email. Stay safe and hope your blue oval serves you all well. Laytahs Steve
  12. Are we in the Golden Age of electric cars

    @TheVirtualTim I see a lot of agreements. One trip was really cold, was a 300 miler, ran the heat, walked the dog like 30 min in the rain--she's a rugged breed, and when it's dog time, weather isn't a concern, came back, had a few min to charge, warm car lately, been capturing videos, so that's...
  13. Are we in the Golden Age of electric cars

    Pilots, Wanted to see everyone facts and opinions. Are we in the time of EV's are becoming adopted, and you are glad to be part of the front line Mid 90's to now...early 2000's to now...or just NOW. Were the first few tries with the EV-1, the GEM, the Roadster a pre-trial that didn't...
  14. Helping out new drivers at the chargers

    @kltye I agree with that one, had some hot headed experts on everything...A) I'm older so obviously I don't know anything about technology... B) I'm driving (insert car) so don't know how their EURO-BUILD-ELON-FLUX works...K, call AAA in 30 miles
  15. Helping out new drivers at the chargers

    Coming back from camping and we hit a popular charge location. 12 Tesla S/C and one each owned by Shell (former greenlots) Level 2 J connect, CCS/CHADEMO. Lady just bought a Brand new EV with some decent range, she's driving across washington state. we just finished and started to back out when...
  16. EA rates

    Good write up
  17. 36,000 mile report card

    Meh AZURE came with 4 Keys with FOBs...a transit connect electric, nothing spectacular. XP operating system just to diagnose if the van gets sick....MACH E is sky-net, you'd think they would through in another 70 dollar FOB, every owner on here has mentioned how they had to torture the dealer...
  18. 36,000 mile report card

    you win
  19. 36,000 mile report card

    @SnBGC, I agree with all of it, my work phone is a flip phone, the dealer got poopy faced about a second FOB, deal breaker- tried to explain PAAK, second fob or I walk, the ride was BAAAADDDDD, I've owned 10 jeeps, and my electric van is stiffy. but between the Mach and the "OTHER GUY"...
  20. Does your state issue special "EV" plate yet?

    I did, 5 submarines 2 surface ships. oh how I did enjoy the work