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  1. Bluecruise quirkiness

    Weird situation earlier today… Driving along highway, BC activated normally. Suddenly the car like panicked and started prompting and beeping to “resume control”. Couldn’t get it to realize I took control back, turning off cruise control a few times got it to chill out. Then got a warning...
  2. Tire rotation frequency?

    How often does everyone rotate tires? I know EV has harder tire wear…. Is it worth doing it every 5k instead of 10k?
  3. Reading Text volume low?

    Got bunch of updates on the car and they did a master reset.... Stupid question that I just can't seem to figure out.... suddenly the volume for reading text messages has gotten really low. How do I make the volume louder?? Turning the dial when it's reading a text doesn't adjust the volume??
  4. BC & Adaptive Cruise/Lane Centering

    Silly question but just wanted to confirm... If you have BC installed (and actually working)... If you're on a non-BC road, do you still have adaptive cruise control & lane centering available ? (as we have pre-BC) Does it require hands on wheel AND eye nanny, or just hands on wheel? Thanks!
  5. Center console

    Apparently I’ve got something in my center console that’s blocking the retractable cover from opening… literally it’s stuck and I can’t open it anyone have any tricks?
  6. Paint around trunk chipping?

    Noticing paint starting to chip away around the truck line. Nothing I can think of that could have caused this, it’s on both sides anyone else seen this? Any recommendations?
  7. Charge past 100%? (In theory)

    Does anyone else get the impression that the car will actually charge past what Ford shows as 100%? scenario today (but also a few other times too) -normally charge car to 85% at home -set car to precondition (plugged in) -went on ~14mi drive -saw at least 10-15% drop in battery charge (don’t...
  8. Leno's Garage - Mach-E GT Performance Edition review

    Very positive discussion about the MachE as well as EV in general
  9. unlock & use the car? Security concern?

    So having issues with PaaK right now, so had to quickly move my car and didn't feel like running upstairs to grab my key. Used my phone to remotely unlock the car (that does still work)... opened car door... and found the car was fully in "accessory mode" meaning that the car was fully usable -...
  10. bypassing charging schedule fail?

    Just got updated to 1.7.1... I normally charge to 85% at home, but because of some travel wanted to push it to 100%. In the app, (4.x iOS FordPass), selected "Charge to 100%"... it seemed to take... but said it'd be at 100% 1 minute later (my charger isn't quite that good...). Few hours...
  11. Missed charge??

    Anyone ever have this happen to them? I’ve got the car scheduled to charge 12a-8a for power company benefits. yesterday, came home and had to take a longer trip than expected, and due to the cold, decided to charge a little on a stop at home ~1pm. I plugged in, and in FordPass selected “charge...
  12. What update did I get?

    Tried searching through threads but struggled can someone remind me how to decipher this terrible language to know which update I finally got? First one I’ve ever gotten (September delivery)
  13. CarPlay failing?

    Anyone have any issues where CarPlay randomly died? dealer did a partial update a few weeks ago but car has otherwise been fine don’t normally use CarPlay, but tried today and the car failed to connect. Tried a second phone and that one also failed. Any troubleshooting steps??
  14. Cold weather charging

    rethinking my practices, was curious the expert opinions of the forums… I have a ChargePoint home charger. Currently, I set the car to charge to 85% at any time when at home and I’ve got the ChargePoint set to charge 12a-8a based on electrical grid pricing. this setup allows me to...
  15. Service soon?

    Had a “service soon” alert pop up today with no additional details. FordPass app didn’t alert me to anything either. Any way for me to easily get more information on the cause? I did install a smartcgarge OBD-II connector from my power company to monitor charging (rebate program) earlier in the...