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  1. Who Uses the Parking Brake?

    I use parking break on all my cars every time I park it anywhere.
  2. Ford not accepting outside financing on Mach-e?

    Not a Ford policy. I have the finance on my Mach E from my bank
  3. 2022 California Route 1 Black

    Congratulations, looks beautiful.
  4. 20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    Thanks for sharing, wishing you trouble free years.
  5. Inconsistent behavior (doors, mirrors, and driver’s seat)

    I had the same problem in my 2020 Explorer and now in the Mach E as well. I did the same thing I did in my Explorer to workaround the issue. (You can only do this if you have only need to program 2 memory positions for 2 drivers in your household) 1. Turn OFF Easy Entry/Exit 2. Set Memory...
  6. Dealer Required Software Updates

    When you setup Ford Pass like enter/scan the VIN etc, the activation requires for you to confirm it in the car infotainment screen? If you have done all that, then you need to find a dealer who has knowledge about ford pass so they can troubleshoot.
  7. Our 1900 mile RT from the Pacific to Montana resulted in this beauty.

    I think he means that whatever was saved on fuel cost will be going towards the insurance deductible.
  8. Our 1900 mile RT from the Pacific to Montana resulted in this beauty.

    That's real bad luck, sorry to hear about this.
  9. Finally got my Grabber Blue GTPE!

    Congratulations and enjoy
  10. Subaru Solterra

    Is it just me or the Subaru and the Toyota look similar? Did they just use different badges?
  11. Volvo-branded, ChargePoint DC fast chargers coming, from Denver to Seattle

    There are already a few Volvo branded fast chargers at the southwest plaza in littleton, CO
  12. Dropped my car off for the Windshield Recall

    21P22 is now available for vehicles manufactured until September 2021.
  13. Charge Fault - 3rd time - Tampa service

    My mobile charger did the exact same thing when I got the car. I had to constantly unplug the the charger from the wall outlet and plug in back in, and this was not even in summer. Then I got an electrician to come in and install a fresh line, breaker for 240V, not a single problem after that...
  14. One Pedal Drive- Reason for Concern?

    iPD is like, some folks love it and some don't. I never use 1PD because I like the feel of the car feeling like a regular car that I have been driving for decades. So don't worry about it, you are not the only one who is not comfortable with 1PD. Enjoy the vehicle the way you personally like to...
  15. Asking prayers

    I recommend do Not use 1 Pedal to start with. This will get her the same feel as a regular car and once she is comfortable with the car, then you can experiment with the 1 pedal option. Just my opinion.
  16. Advice for long trip?

    Congrats and enjoy your trip. It is awesome that you are starting with a long trip right after getting the car because you will figure out and get to explore all the feature, test several things right away. I know of another lady (in this forum) who took delivery and drove around 800 miles home...
  17. What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    On the other hand, imagine if the charger was locked and the other driver tried to yank it out damaging the port. Scary
  18. Battery Range Increase Over Time

    Someone in the forum mentioned that they spoke to one of the Ford engineers and according to them, if you charge it to 100% then the regen braking has no way to put energy back in to the battery because is already full. On the other hand, most of the article says that the reason to charge it...
  19. MachE - Ford Co-Pilot - Glass roof required?

    Yeah, you can get the Select with Tech package but the select will only have Standard Battery. If you want Extended Range battery, then you do not have the option of metal roof. The glass roof is the exact reason I got Select with Tech package because I did Not want the glass roof.