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  1. Rear bumper guard

    I just installed a Lamin-X rear bumper guard on the Mach E and I thought I should share my installation experience and a quick review of the product. I have two young kids and always hauling a bunch of stuff, so rear bumper protection is a must. There are two choices in the market for the Mach...
  2. WTH! Clean Air Vehicle Decal Application rejected

    We submitted for the California Clean Air Vehicle Decal on 12MAR. Today, it was returned to us, no reason given except where it says model, there is a handwritten "Mustang". The VIN I gave was correct, so is CA telling me that I bought a Mustang instead of a Mustang Mach-E? WTH! ---
  3. California Sold: WTB: Cargo Cover

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a Mach E OEM cargo cover. I'm willing to pay $100 and I'm located in So Cal. Thanks!