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  1. Gullwingdmc

    FordPass 4.14.0 Out on the App Store (Update: Android Too)

    Looks like they are bringing connected services into the app instead of having to go to the website. That will be useful if they are going to start expanding their offerings.
  2. Gullwingdmc

    What is the plural of Mach-E?

    Mach-Es? Machs-E? We are now officially an all pony house! Mako and his slightly younger brother Rocinante. My husband snagged a Rapid Red 21 Premium ER AWD yesterday to join my Infinite Blue 21 Premium SR AWD. Now we just need to share our one car garage! As any owner will know, trying...
  3. Gullwingdmc

    Anyone have 21G01 (Blue Cruise) installed by a MA dealer?

    After the disastrous time I had with my dealership trying to get CSP 21P22 installed correctly I’m not looking to go back to them for Blue Cruise. If anyone in Eastern Mass has a good experience with their dealer doing these updates let me know. I’ll drive across the state if it means going to...
  4. Gullwingdmc

    Blue Cruise updates issues poll

    Now that the Blue Cruise updates (2.4.1-2.4.5, 2.5.1-2.5.3) are rolling out to more early access members I was wondering if anyone has had a serious failure. I’m not talking the update failed and they will try again, more along the lines of the 1.7.1 issues where it’s stuck, or worse, needed a...
  5. Gullwingdmc

    Farley on consequences for dealers marking up prices

    Good new for those frustrated by dealers charging over MSRP. Jim Farley in the Q4 Earnings Call “We have about 10% of our dealers last year in the supply-constrained environment that, we're charging above MSRP to our best of our knowledge. We have very good knowledge of who they are. And their...
  6. Gullwingdmc

    Merry Mach-E-Mas ?

    It arrived in time for Christmas!
  7. Gullwingdmc

    Advice Needed: 110 plug will not fit in outlet enclosure

    I’m hoping someone on here with electrical experience will know what the best option is for my charging situation at work. My company has a few outside outlets that they let employees use for their cars. Originally they were for diesel block heaters, but now they are used for EVs. I didn’t...
  8. Gullwingdmc

    Phantom Preconditioning?

    Weirdly this morning my car started preconditioning for an 8:15AM departure, but no departure was set. It timed out on its at 8:30AM. I looked at my ChargePoint and confirmed that it actually did draw power, so it must have done it. Has anyone had this happen before?
  9. Gullwingdmc

    Chemical Guys HydroSpeed Ceramic Quick Detailer?

    Has anyone tried the Chemical Guys HydroSpeed Ceramic Quick Detailer? I’m looking for an easy and relatively quick coating I can apply. I fully understand this will not be as good as a professionally applied ceramic coating. I just can’t spend that money.
  10. Gullwingdmc

    OTA Update “Campaign” Window

    I posted about this in the massive 1.7.1 thread, but I figured I would expand on it to make it easier for people to find with search in the future. I learned something about the OTA Update process today that I figured some people might be interested in. I haven’t receive the 1.7.1 update...
  11. Gullwingdmc

    Modules that have updates available?

    Is there any way to check what modules in our vehicles have available updates? I remember someone was able to look it up by VIN. I did a lot of searching, but I couldn’t find that thread. I will be due for my 10k service soon and I’d like to do the recall and any pending updates while I’m...
  12. Gullwingdmc

    Optimized/Adaptive Charging?

    Anyone know, has Ford ever mentioned implementing some sort of optimized/adaptive charging for the MME? By that I mean, using the departure times to keep the battery at 80% until shortly before the scheduled time and then charging it up to the desired level. For a while now Apple and Google...
  13. Gullwingdmc

    FordPass Apple Watch Complications

    PSA for fellow Apple Watch users, at some point FordPass added complications! No real function other than quickly getting to the app, but I’ll take that! Now if it could just show charge/battery status.
  14. Gullwingdmc

    Snow Removal

    As we get closer to the dreaded winter season, I wanted to see what everyone’s recommendations were for removing snow and ice off the car? I have an old brush/scrapper combo that needs to be retired, also a foam brush that works ok, but is a bit clunky for fine snow removal. What does everyone...
  15. Gullwingdmc

    2 WiFi Connections, which does what?

    I know the car connects to the WiFi under 2 different devices, SYNC & mdm9650-tcu. Does anyone know what each connection is responsible for? I’ve noticed that the SYNC device connects and disconnects several times during the day, but the MDM device has not connected to my router in a long time...
  16. Gullwingdmc

    Alternate Tones Speaker

    My car started using the alternate speaker for the alert tones today, the ones that’s in the dash rather than the car speakers. You can tell because they are much lower quality sounds, very old fashioned. I had it happen occasionally on my 2014 Fusion, and it usually could be tracked back to a...
  17. Gullwingdmc

    iOS 15

    With the impending release of iOS 15 I was wondering if anyone on here has been running the betas? How has it been working with PAAK & wireless CarPlay? Normally I would be running the betas, but I held off this year because of the car. I’m curious before I move to iPhone 13 and iOS 15.
  18. Gullwingdmc

    Dead Pedal Vibration

    I’ve had my car for 3 months now, and over the last few weeks I’ve started to notice a vibration in the dead pedal area under my left foot. It’s not a lot, almost like a phone level of vibration. I haven’t been able to figure out what the circumstances are that cause it. It seems to be road...
  19. Gullwingdmc

    Brake In Period? (yes it’s a pun)

    Question for everyone, When I got my MME 2 months ago the brakes felt normal, or at least what I would expect normal to be for an EV. Over the past few weeks though I’ve noticed they feel a little different, like I have to push further down on the pedal to come to a stop from an average speed...