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  1. SAM

    Torklift Eco fits a GT

    I take back my earlier post. My bike does fit in the back of the MME (with the front wheel on!). It's an eBike and I worried about driving with it on the hitch rack in T-Storms, which roll in in the PM after a ride (and sometimes during). So, I tried fitting it in the back again and got it in...
  2. SAM

    New charger in N. NJ.

    The WaWa near me has Tesla chargers.
  3. SAM

    WTF Ford, FordPass Update wipes PAAK!

    I got this too, but was already "conditioned" to force quit the app. I still lose PAAK on occasion and get no key detected. I force quit FordPass and restart and it fixes the problem. I like using PAAK, but it can be a PITA. I hope they get the bugs worked out someday....
  4. SAM

    Good NJ-area dealer for the glass recalls?

    Don't know. There are three EVs in the first photo but only one getting charged.
  5. SAM

    Torklift Hitch now or wait?

    I got the Heavy Duty Double 1UP rack. It handles two bikes with a 50 lb limit per bike. Can easily add one tray or two tray extenders available from 1UP to go up to four bikes max. I believe each tray has a 50 lb limit, even for the extenders.
  6. SAM

    Good NJ-area dealer for the glass recalls?

    Close on the second, but it's Spruce Run. The first is Washington Crossing State Park in PA. No free juice at Washington Crossing State Park in NJ, so if you're riding the towpath loops (PA & NJ sides) or up the trails in Wash Xing or Baldpate Mnt on the Jersey side, park in PA. Word is out...
  7. SAM

    OTA Powerup Software 2.6.0. First update in a while.

    I got 2.6.0 yesterday. I like the full-screen Apple CarPlay. I was stuck on 1.7.1 for several months. Got the APIM replaced Jan 31, so got 1.7.1, then nothing until Apr 9 when I got 2.1.0. Didn't get 2.3, yet?
  8. SAM

    Good NJ-area dealer for the glass recalls?

    Oh, OK, I guess I got ahead of things and thought you had it. Hope your car arrives when expected in June. I'll help with the rack when you're ready, if you decide on one. I took delivery on June 10, 2021, so the one year mark is coming up.
  9. SAM

    Good NJ-area dealer for the glass recalls?

    Yes I am! Two to three times a week. Some trail parking even has free juice. I hope you're enjoying your rack too.
  10. SAM

    Good NJ-area dealer for the glass recalls?

    Done at Ditschman in Flemington end of January. No issues. Said they'd done many before mine. They contracted glass work to Vision Quest Auto Glass in Whitehouse Station. Glass work was done in one day but had to leave car at Ditschman the day before so they could prep.
  11. SAM

    What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    At our recent three night stay in SC (Charlotte, NC area), there were two Clipper Creek spots at the hotel that were never blocked, even though they were prime spots near the hotel entrance (that's asking for trouble). On the first night, my car was going to be fully charged at 2:30 AM. I did...
  12. SAM

    MME On the Road - Sightings in NJ

    Well, I haven't seen any in Jersey for a while, but had a double sighting on Thursday northbound on US 202 just over the border in PA (I was southbound). First was a Grabber Blue GT and less than 5 minutes later a Rapid Red (not GT). Maybe they count as MME On the Road - Sightings Almost in NJ?
  13. SAM

    Brakes messed up for 3rd time

    I've had a similar issue. Had the front pads replaced and rotors resurfaced under the TSB. A month or so later, I took it in for steering wheel shimmy/shake when braking, which was worse when braking around 45 - 55 mph. The tech reported that the front rotors were warped and resurfaced them...
  14. SAM

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Hearing a lot of different "stories" from dealers on here regarding the TSB for this fix. (stories is a nice way to say lies, or giving them the benefit of the doubt say they just don't know what they're doing)
  15. SAM

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Maybe. Car likely goes to a contracted car glass shop for the recall repair. Mine went to a shop about 12 miles from the dealer, sat overnight, did the recall, returned to Ford that night. The next day was for the software updates. Sat at the dealer overnight, then about 3:00 PM that day the...
  16. SAM

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Ford may have issued a TSB but it's not posted under Manufacturer Communications on the NHTSA site yet, so not "published".
  17. SAM

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Back in January, dealer told me it would take two weeks for the APIM to come in. It took about three weeks, so not bad. I don't know how available they are now.