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  1. tannerk89

    Driver Monitor Camera Fault

    Since the 2.8.2 update that turned on BlueCruise I have been intermittently getting a “Driver Monitor Camera Fault See Owners Manual” warning. Found one possibly related thread on here but not much activity and it was difficult to find and had no solution yet. Power cycle and letting the car...
  2. tannerk89

    6.1.22 Teaser

    Any thoughts on what is planned on being revealed? From Ford’s insta account: they have added the blacked out pony as their profile image and this short video to their reel:
  3. tannerk89

    Horses In the Snow

    Had to take a drive in the snow today, and the P4X performed flawlessly. Really stable in the snow, none of the roads were plowed yet but it was fairly cold so the snow was relatively dry and had plenty of grip. I also did a quick text of 1 pedal driving in the snow and found that ABS still...
  4. tannerk89

    GT Front Motor in Premium 4X?

    Came across this today, does anyone have any idea what kind of work would be involved to get this motor in a P4X? Ford Performance Parts is proud to offer the Eluminator!!! This electric motor is from the 2021 Mustang Mach E GT. Peak...
  5. tannerk89

    Hello from Roanoke, VA

    Hi All, I am eagerly waiting on the delivery of my Mach-E! I purchased a black Premium Extended Range AWD coming off dealer demo about a 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately it was produced during the recall period for the glass which means I have to wait for them to satisfy the windshield and roof...