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  1. MachTee

    Iron Remover Before or After Wash? Clay Bar?

    I'm kind of surprise they said to use the iron remover first on a dry car. Iron remover is no contact, you just spray on and rinse off, so there's no risk of marring the paint other than maybe using more of the product. General rule of thumb in car detailing is to follow the bell curve...
  2. MachTee

    Dealers tagging on 5-10K???

    I'm with @Mach1E. As much as the dealership model is hated, when they to move to direct model, you have zero chance of negotiating. Without the dealership model, having a car for me to test drive when I had nothing better to do one day last June, I'd probably still be driving the Tesla ( :eek...
  3. MachTee

    Failed OTA Update

    Same thing happened to me. It took 2-3 weeks before it sent it again and it was successful. After that I received 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 with no issues.
  4. MachTee

    Failed 2.6.0 OTA Club

    I'm Blue Cruising! The installation was really fast. I stopped by a mall for not even an hour, with no indication of 2.8.2 being queued. When I went back into the car, I noticed the notification and thought cool I'll go home and press install. Then I noticed the check mark and realized that...
  5. MachTee

    Dented door trim below window 😞

    Wow. At least it's now molded to your elbow for extra comfort ;) I sometimes drive with my elbow resting there too but haven't noticed this yet.
  6. MachTee

    I bought a new Mach-E on Tuesday, 6/14

    They obviously were late to receive the stop sale info. How was the purchasing experience with this dealer? If they were nice, didn't charge an ADM, etc, I'd consider working with them. At the very least furnish a nice loaner car for the duration, perhaps a Corsair PHEV if they also sell...
  7. MachTee

    Failed 2.6.0 OTA Club

    Same, with just a short drive this morning after completing 2.7.4 last night. I only noticed 2.8.1 queued when I opened FP and saw the alert, and went to the car to re-enable auto update and is now pending.
  8. MachTee

    LOUD Charging Sound

    When I first bought the car in June last year, the fan would come on while charging even when it wasn't that hot. After an update applied at the dealer, most of the time I'd just hear coolant flowing with no fan. Sounds kind of like a washing machine sloshing water around when it starts...
  9. MachTee

    My EV Driving Data Finally Works on Job 1!

    Nice! My car finished installing 2.7.4 last night but haven't driven it yet. You know, I've wondered for a while how some are getting this data in FP, and didn't know it needed some update on Job1 cars to enable. I used journey for a while until it kind of just disappeared. All this time I...
  10. MachTee

    Failed 2.6.0 OTA Club

    Not sure if there's any pattern to when Ford resends the update, but 2.7.3 failed for me about 2-3 weeks ago. It was successfully installed last night.
  11. MachTee

    Range brag

    My SR AWD routinely gets 3.7MPK. My usual 50 mile round trip consumes 20% of the charge like clockwork, and I have taken from 40-20% and it still gets me the 50 miles (no I have not taken it from 20-0% lol). The numbers line up perfectly, so I should get 250 miles, yet my GOM never shows more...
  12. MachTee

    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    My car has the 1.8L Lynx I4 engine 🤣 I didn't know there are so many different engines they use in the MME. My car (3/2021 build) is listed for this recall. Seems it's a good probability that every car will be included. I really don't want to deal with this, and the windshield/pano roof...
  13. MachTee

    Hard water and car washing

    As has been pointed out, the use of a drying aid is the key, and not wash it under the sun. For me though, I only have a small window in the summer time when the sun is not hitting directly, 8-9AM and after 7PM. I usually go out at 9am. Fortunately my cars are ceramic coated, so using my Ego...
  14. MachTee

    How's this deal look? GT arriving Thursday!

    Yes you're right, my mistake. I made the wrong assumption in thinking of Options like a lease. So the numbers more or less add up then, with the interest on the full $63K and increased sales tax rate. Yes, I did Options myself but I fully paid it off after 2 weeks. Ford even sent me a check...
  15. MachTee

    What’s everyone’s usual miles/kWh?

    3.7 is the norm when not using the heat in my SR AWD. My usual 50 mile round trip consumes 20% of the charge like clockwork, so the 3.7MPK is pretty accurate - 3.7 x 68 = 251. Yet my GOM never displays more than 220-230.
  16. MachTee

    How's this deal look? GT arriving Thursday!

    Did not know about the increased sales tax over $50K in CT. I'm fairly certain you're not charged interest on the balloon payment during the term of the 3yrs Options.
  17. MachTee

    How's this deal look? GT arriving Thursday!

    Looked good at first, but I had to add up the numbers and there's like $2500 unaccounted for. How much are they charging for the doc and DMV fees? $1085 x 36 = $39060 Down payment = $5000 Balloon payment = $29130 Options rebate = -$2500 Grand total = $70690 Price of car is $62235 plus sales...
  18. MachTee

    A big miss in my view

    Same here. It's just impossible to please everyone.
  19. MachTee

    A warning about 50A range cords...

    I bought a very similar 6' cord from Best Buy. It's not labeled GE but it looks near identical. Same with my Wallbox charger, the included 1' cord couldn't reach my 14-50 outlet so I had to lengthen it. Been using it for nearly a year now and I have no issues with it. Just a bit warm when...
  20. MachTee

    How to never miss a OTA software update!

    @Ford Motor Company, same as @COACH CHRIS for me. 2.7.3 failed on 5/24.