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  1. macchiaz-o

    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Perhaps those in the know cannot share more real information with you. NDAs, employment contracts, etc, etc. They've shared more info publicly than I would have expected at this point, considering the solutions for OTA and dealer installs aren't ready for public release. Until they are...
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    Parking Brake Comes on Intermittently?

    When you get back in the car and begin driving normally, it should release the parking brake automatically. You'll probably notice the slight resistance when this happens, like a brief little hiccup but it should be nothing more. If your parking brake stays engaged, or if it engages while...
  3. macchiaz-o

    Parking Brake Comes on Intermittently?

    I think it's a bug in the vehicle software. The car wants to put on the parking brake if it's in Park gear and it detects rocking or too much inclination/declination on the road surface. In your case, whatever module makes this decision seems to be detecting rocking and isn't aware of the fact...
  4. macchiaz-o

    Europe Braking made visible in drivers dash

    Sure, I think it is possible. Whether Ford decides to take implement this feature depends on priorities and available resources. Where we can help is with priorities (by discussing here, giving feedback when solicited, etc.).
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    Reprogramming Key Fob from another Mach-E

    When you teach a vehicle to recognize a key, the old vehicle will continue to recognize that key unless you also clear the programming on the old vehicle. I think you need a dealer involved, with special Ford locksmith licensing processes involved, in order to add the second key to a vehicle...
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    All Vehicles - PCM, BECM, SOBDMC, SOBDMB Updates available in FDRS

    Andy, here is the little transparency you're asking for. Use this information to plan accordingly. It, and what's been posted to the NHTSA, are the only official info you can acquire right now: I...
  7. macchiaz-o

    Europe Braking made visible in drivers dash

    I've been suggesting this brake indicator feature in Ford's feedback surveys. 👍👍
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    Heat Wave Coming - Battery Health Tips to Remember

    You can set whatever limit you want between 50 and 100% via the Preferred Charge settings in FordPass or via the car's touch screen. I have mine stop at 85% for example, and I've limited it to the hours where my utility offers the least expensive electricity. What update are you referring...
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    Failed 2.6.0 OTA Club

    Give it time lol... Many curves are okay. It's the smaller radius ones that seem to be a turn off. Also, lane striping is critical. It may turn off during some lane mergers, for instance, depending on how the stripes are painted. At this point I can predict with roughly 75% accuracy when it's...
  10. macchiaz-o

    Blue instrument cluster when using BlueCruise?

    @billy_at, from your post, it does sound like you're doing the right things so I'm not sure how to help, but if you are able to post a photo of the instrument cluster that might help us see some important detail. The big ones are to activate both adaptive cruise and lane centering using your...
  11. macchiaz-o

    Job2 FP Data Missing After Recent FDRS Updates (also OTA 2.8.2)

    With charge data like this, what is anyone really going to miss?
  12. macchiaz-o

    Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    The HVBJB is the beige/mustard colored assembly shown at the bottom of this photo, which is at the front end of the battery pack.
  13. macchiaz-o

    SSM 50869 – Headlamps Turn On By Themselves When Vehicle Is Off – DTC B1533

    I'm not sure if turning them off while parking will prevent the logic issue that causes them to go into the failsafe-on mode. I suppose if you do this and yet the headlights ever do turn back on by themselves, this would be a useful data point for all of us to know. Please report back if you...
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    FordPass 4.17.0 now available

    Individual contributors and team leaders from the FordPass and Mustang Mach-E teams absolutely do read the forum.
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    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Your vehicle IS part of this recall. If I were you, I'd enjoy the road trip. Your rear wheel drive, standard range Mach-E (much like mine!) seems to have a much lower likelihood of suffering from this component failure than any of the other Mach-E trim combinations.
  16. macchiaz-o

    FordPass ego boost (My EV Driving)

    You're doing waaay better than me. Congrats on your humanity saving efforts.
  17. macchiaz-o

    Lost in the maze of OTA updates

    That's correct. 2.8.2 enabled BlueCruise and you can use it now. But 2.8.3 will update your SYNC software so that the Adaptive Cruise Control with Hands Free phrasing shows up in your driver assist settings screen instead of the old phrasing.
  18. macchiaz-o

    SSM 50869 – Headlamps Turn On By Themselves When Vehicle Is Off – DTC B1533

    This defect causes the actual headlights to be on. Mine just suffered this defect last night. The DRLs come on briefly any time the vehicle is awakened by the approaching presence of your key (fob or phone).
  19. macchiaz-o

    FordPass 4.17.0 now available

    Apple iPhone: Everything else: