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  1. ChasingCoral

    $15000 mark!!!

    @Ford Motor Company here should step in. On Twitter reach out to @mrlevine. Ask him for help. If dealer wanted to charge ADM it should have been in that “difference from MSRP” in the order. This is bait and switch.
  2. ChasingCoral

    How I make a makeshift dog mode

    I know that family. They only drive Subarus.
  3. ChasingCoral

    Service Questions

    Check on Ford's website to see if they are an EV-certified repair location (in addition to sales).
  4. ChasingCoral

    Ford Early Access + Electrify America: Complimentary BlueOval Electrify America Membership Invitation Email

    No free electrons, just a 25% discount. Note that it seems to be for Early Access members who used up their initial free charging allocation.
  5. ChasingCoral

    Lots of Mustang Mach Es in Sweden

    This is our fifth day in Sweden and I’ve seen at least one Mach E every day. I rarely see one in the Washington DC area other than at the dealership, Mustang events or EV events - not even one a week.
  6. ChasingCoral

    Dented door trim below window 😞

    Either you’ve got some seriously sharp elbows or that’s a serious interior problem!
  7. ChasingCoral

    What’s changed after yesterday’s stop sale / recall announcement

    Just don't floor it out of the station!
  8. ChasingCoral

    What’s changed after yesterday’s stop sale / recall announcement

    I don’t think we need to stop DCFC or 0-60s, just take it a bit easier until we get the update.
  9. ChasingCoral

    Door hinge covers | Update: striker plate covers

    Does the air freshener smell like gasoline for those who miss it?
  10. ChasingCoral

    Frunk as a cooler

  11. ChasingCoral

    Lightning Wow Wow Wow Wow…

    Enjoy! Mine is finished and I'm just awaiting delivery.
  12. ChasingCoral

    Chevy Blazer EV

    Brute force!
  13. ChasingCoral

    What if it were a classic style Mustang

    Coupe and dog don’t mix.
  14. ChasingCoral

    looking to trade my BLACK fender trim for WHITE

    And just who do you think has a car with white trim they can trade you?
  15. ChasingCoral

    Chevy Blazer EV

    I'll bet it has better aero than the Lightning!
  16. ChasingCoral

    Chevy Blazer EV

    It sure isn't the off-road vehicle it used to be back in the day when Broncos and Blazers were huge boxes with high clearance.
  17. ChasingCoral

    Chevy Blazer EV

    Looks like an updated Dodge Magnum.