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  1. phidauex

    Colorado FS: 2021 Premium 19" wheels + stock tires, 4500 miles, clean!

    I switched to the MRR GF9s, 20x8.5, ET35, with Conti Extreme Contacts. I'm quite pleased with them, they look great and really show off the calipers better:
  2. phidauex

    Wheel help. Need my Selects to look like the Premium rims.

    No, when people talk about putting different rim sizes on their cars, they only mean the aluminum rim itself changing diameter. The tire on an 18" wheel on the Select has the exact same outside diameter as a 19" on the Premium, and a 20" on the GT - the sidewall of the tire just gets thinner...
  3. phidauex

    Wheel help. Need my Selects to look like the Premium rims.

    Ford sensors should automatically re-learn to a new car, it is only some aftermarket sensors that need to be reprogrammed.
  4. phidauex

    Wheel help. Need my Selects to look like the Premium rims.

    There are a few available on the classifieds section here! If you happen to be in CO I’m selling a set right now.
  5. phidauex

    Colorado - Glass Recall Success?

    Anyone get any bites on this? I'm about to try to schedule, but it isn't looking good. I'm pretty flexible on timing since I understand the supply chain issues as much as anyone, but there has to be SOME path to getting these recalls completed. I'm also annoyed by the continuing letters, but no...
  6. phidauex

    Colorado FS: 2021 Premium 19" wheels + stock tires, 4500 miles, clean!

    Folks - I now have 12 wheels for 1 car, which I've been informed is NOT a reasonable number of wheels to own. Therefore, the stock 19" Premium wheelset and stock Michelin Primacy tires have to go! Just a few pics to confirm that they exist - you all know what they look like. These have 4500...
  7. phidauex

    Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    I thought I was going to be the first one with @MRR Wheels GF9s, but @ToadStool beat me to it! We might have been waiting on the same manufacturing run... These are the MRR GF9s, 20x8.5, ET35, with Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus, in the slightly wider/taller 255/45R20 size. I decided to...
  8. phidauex

    Upsizing wheels

    Check the sticky posts at the top of this forum - the Aftermarket Wheel Pictures and Information thread has dozens of pics and specs for 20" wheel options, and the other sticky post has tables of all the sizing for stock wheels if you want to compare with options you are shopping for.
  9. phidauex

    Comprehensive PowerUp (OTA) Poll

    I had self-installed BlueCruise using FDRS (which did work), and then this week I got 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 in rapid succession. No obvious changes, but the updates ran themselves with no complaint or errors, which is always great to see. Hopefully this means I'm "on deck" for the next round of OTAs.
  10. phidauex

    KW V3 Coilover Suspension Released for Mach-E

    Very cool! Here are a few questions... How much lower is the kit in the "default" settings you are using now? Do you/kW have the sense that there is a lot of improvement to be made by adjusting the settings, or will those just be tiny tweaks? Any installation challenges or difficulties that...
  11. phidauex

    Mach-E 2021/22 Wheel Sizes, Bolt Patterns, Offset, Center Bore, Load Rating, GVWR [Table]

    I don't think I'd recommend a +15 offset. If you look at the aftermarket wheels megathread there are a few examples of people showing that 20x9 at +35 is flush with the fender flares. +15 would be almost an inch further out than that, so I think you would have a lot of visible poke, and possible...
  12. phidauex

    Anyone else sign up for the Xcel/Ford "charging perks" program?

    I signed up recently and it seems to be working fine. We did get our gift card, and the schedule respects our 80% charge target. That said, I do wish it gave a way to see when it will actually charge, it just says that it will complete sometime before our next scheduled departure, and that we...
  13. phidauex

    Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    Wow, not sure how many 22x10.5s we have. 265/35-R22 is 2.2% higher circumference which is acceptable, but pushing it a bit. 255/35 is only 1.2% larger than stock, but leaves you with a little less sidewall protection. On the rear, 285/30-R22 is plausible, as it is only 0.4% larger. 295/30 is 1%...
  14. phidauex

    BC & Adaptive Cruise/Lane Centering

    Yeah, I think it is looking for some torque on the steering shaft, either resisting the car's movement, or adding a little of your own. I sometimes give a tiny little wiggle to the wheel to remind it I'm there. Squeezing probably doesn't do anything, I don't think it has any sensors in the wheel...
  15. phidauex

    Car died during BlueCruise update

    Whew, glad they got it fixed! I'm very skeptical whenever someone says a part needs to be replaced because of a firmware update, it is extremely hard to truly brick things these days, I think dealerships are still just stuck on the model of "its broke, replace it". They'll need to get more used...
  16. phidauex

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    Here is a stupid little trick that helps out if you have a laptop that is a little to eager to go to sleep - visit which has only one purpose - keep your computer awake. It is quite clever, as long as it is open on a tab somewhere your computer will refuse to go to sleep...
  17. phidauex

    What rims will fit the OE 20" tires (tail wagging the dog)?

    The stock 245s should fit on anything between 8.0" and 9.0" rims. You might be able to go wider but would be pushing the fitment pretty hard. I'd say 8.5" would be ideal.
  18. phidauex

    KW V3 Coilover Suspension Released for Mach-E

    Yeah, this would be a nice mid-priced option. I'm holding out for a few more options, though if the KW coilovers are good then that helps set a bar for the market. My hope is that there will be a few things available for next summer, and I can swap something in when I do my winter/summer tire...
  19. phidauex

    Resigning from the DMG Club and forming The Green Goblin Club

    I'd love to see the look on the owner's face when they saw you walking away from their car apparently having just peeled a big piece of their paint off.
  20. phidauex

    Substantial Performance Drop Under 70 Percent SoC?

    There is no "substantial drop" below 70% SOC. The maximum power is probably slightly reduced, but "responsiveness" has nothing to do with maximum power. If you were going to be drag racing you might want to be at very high SOC, but in any other case the car feels just as spry at all but the...