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  1. Worried About Purchase

    I've been seeing a lot of threads recently about people selling their Mach-E's and with a list of issues. Their post seem to be more and more frequent and come up in the 'Latest post' list. Their issues within the list they make are sometimes valid, sometimes not. I worry I will experience some...
  2. Foot Guard?

    I was watching a YT vid and a guy said you have to lift your feet a little higher on a Mach E. Would it be worth investing in, I am not sure what they are called, the guards to prevent you scuffing up the bit that your foot passes over? And what are those called?
  3. Dash Cover
  4. Steering Wheel Cover -- most premium, best fitting, best brand?

    What is the most premium, best fitting, best brand cover I can get for a Mach E?
  5. Wet Okole Seat Covers

    These are the highest quality ones out there right? I called them up. They said I should wait until I have the vehicle, mine's being built atm, until I order because Mach E has been seeing several different seats. Is this true? Every internal picture I have seen all look the same. I would...
  6. Seat Covers

    Any companies out there making a seat cover for the Mach E 2022 yet specifically?
  7. Mach-E Mud Flaps Splash Guards from AOSK

    Few question. Anyone have these? Thoughts? Do they actually help? Anyone try to take it off after it has been on for a while? Any scratches?
  8. Mach E Level 2 Charger

    I got word mine is scheduled for production May 9th. Time to get some accessories. I want to get a level 2 charger from a reputable brand that has some display info about how much power it's taking. Can someone recommend me a model?
  9. Realistic Time Frame - 2023 Model Year?

    Many people on Reddit are stating they are being told their vehicles are now going to be 2023s instead of 2022s. I ordered mine back in October of last year. Do you think I will have to wait until the 2023 model is released? I cannot tell you how badly I need a car right now. . . I am...
  10. Seat Covers

    I saw on Ford's website they do sell seat covers for the Mach E. But they are made from neoprene and wouldn't allow for any breathing, right? What are some good ones that people have tried?
  11. Shiny or Matte PPF?

    Has anyone ever seen matte on the blue Mach-E? I was told that matte is new and thus, no one else would have it. Thoughts?
  12. If you are still waiting after 3 months, call your dealer evidently and complain...

    My order was accepted on 10/21/21. Take this quote from my local sales manger with a grain of salt.
  13. Best Dashcam?

    What's the best dashcam? If it matters, under $500.
  14. Clear Wrap Cost

    How much should a clear wrap cost? Locally, I have a quote that is $6,000 + warranty cost... Does that sound right?
  15. Order made

    Don't even have a production date, but I am buying stuff already!
  16. Wind Fixer Mod Thing...

    I don't know what you want to call this. Is this what I need for my Mach E to fix the wind noise? Anyone here try it? Anything better that doesn't look terrible out there...
  17. Undercarriage Protection

    I see people talking about the ceramic coating and...??? What is the protection that people do to the undercarriage? I am getting a Go Green wrap done to it to protect the paint. But what about the undercarriage? What can people do to protect it? What's worth the money and what's the scam?
  18. Tesmanian

    Is Tesmanian a legit company? I sent them in a ticket using their site contact and I haven't received a response.
  19. Clips on the Glass Roof Sunshade

    Do I need to buy these clips if I buy the Glass Roof Sunshade?
  20. Aftermarket Pedals

    I was going to pick up the AOSK dead pedal cover off Amazon when I saw they also had pedals, too. Are these worth getting? Or is there something better out there I should invest in? Also, is AOSK a reputable company that makes quality products? Would they be compared to Mopar and Dodge?