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  1. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (6/20) For Build Weeks 7/18 and 7/25

    Mine still shows 8/1. This is after having 7/18, 7/25 and now 8/1
  2. Stolen....

    I believe the car is still the dealers problem up u til you take delivery of it from the transport company. At least that was what I was told when I had mine shipped
  3. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (5/16) For Build Weeks 7/4 Through 7/25

    Checked this morning and nothing. Saw a post on FB that someone got scheduled and then I checked again. Ow scheduled for production. Ordered 11/5/21. Space white premium AWD extended range. Production scheduled week 7/18/22
  4. Active Park Assist Prep Kit removed

    Yeah I wouldn’t count on it. I placed an order on 11/5/21. Weeks ago I had the dealer add in the active park assist prep kit. I still don’t have a production date. Premium Awd extended range
  5. Charging Station Congestion

    DCFC at two EA stations so far. No problem at EA station in Milwaukee. 10 stalls. Only 1 being used. Charged quickly Problem at EA station in Bloomington-Normal. Only four stalls which I recall. Only 1 side can be used at a time. One was broken. Rivians in and Out of this location as...
  6. FordPass have broken with the new 4.10 update

    Yes, mine has not been working well the past few days. PAAK hasn’t been recognizing my phone as I walk up to the car. Charging has been spotty too. I have it set to charge to 90 Pete cent between 1-4 am. Message at bottom of screen shows charging ending at 5:26 pm. I have no settings...
  7. My Mach-E Was Stolen

    Try contacting Sirius XM to see if they can track it