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  1. Mrn

    07/04/2022 build week

    My Space White Metallic Select RWD SR is now officially scheduled for build. The order was submitted 03/02/2022. Here's hoping there is no more build date shuffling for this car!
  2. Mrn

    Any pattern to build week scheduling/ rescheduling? Mine has changed at least twice now since I first called an

    I had to call to find out I already had a VIN and a Build week. The tracker online still just has the order as Accepted. By calling, I know I've had at least 2 build dates. Is there any typical pattern to the musical build dates before the car build actually starts?
  3. Mrn

    Last date to build MME 2022 model year

    It would be very interesting to know the last day when the MME plant in Mexico can build the 22 model year before it must retool for the 23 model year. Presumably that would be in late summer or early autumn. By then the last batch of 22's would be finished and either shipped or awaiting...
  4. Mrn

    Experiences with Oracle Ford in Arizona

    I ordered a Mustang Mach-e Select from the Oracle, AZ Ford dealership at the beginning of February and am waiting for a build date. Has anyone else on the forum ordered through this dealership? Did everything go as expected? did you have any issues?