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  1. I’m losing faith in Ford, another recall?

    Now lightnings have been recalled. Small with tire pressure but whole I’m waiting for my Mach Prem, I’m getting worried. No way would I pay ADM with all this.
  2. ⏱ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (6/27)

    I hope they honor 22 prices for the carry-over to 23. seems like people will be receiving 23 models before they finish the 22 Premiums.
  3. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    how will this affect cars that don’t have a prod date yet? Increase or further delay? I’m 4 months in and was expecting to receive a scheduled date soon for late Aug. Will I be moved to 2023 models then?
  4. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (5/30) For Build Weeks 7/4 Through 7/25

    Nope...Compatibility. No roofs :rolleyes: I guess the roof recall was the big issue for future Premium orders. They had to take them from somewhere right? Explains why all the GT's and Selects are still pumping out.
  5. 2023 Mach-E Production & Ordering / Order Bank Open Dates Released

    So since I ordered Feb, is it questionable if I will get pushed into 23 model? I had thought I might get built in Aug with Oct delivery (8 months total) but with people getting their Oct/Nov orders still for Premiums, it seems tight.
  6. Is the plant running, or behind, or what?

    You know this past week was Cinco de Mayo right?
  7. Dealer sold my reserved car

    if you placed an order and left a deposit and received the VIN on the vehicle, if they don't return or acknowledge the deposit that may be theft of services you can hit them with. I hope you have a record of the deposit. You credit card should have it on it or cancelled check etc...I also...
  8. Dealer sold my reserved car

    BBB is worth filing a complaint against dealership. Send all the correspondence there. You could even call local news and have them go talk to the dealer. Publicity like that would bring them to a new low. If you had a VIN and deposit on it, I'd pursue it just to let everyone know the dealers...
  9. EV Station thefts in LA (copper)

    It appears EV stations in LA right now are a hot theft item for their copper wiring.
  10. Home L2 Charging: 40A versus 48A

    Check your local codes. I bought ChargePoint and had to hardwire it. My area requires the Nema outlet to have a GFCI breaker and since the Chrgr has an internal one, it has been causing many units to trip and you find out in the morning. Hardwire does not require gfci breaker.
  11. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (4/4) For Build Weeks 5/2 Through 5/23

    I believe I saw somewhere, someone posted they had a build for a Premium in May they ordered first week of Feb and others are posting Oct 21. 3 months of Premium? I was under the assumption it was month per month so Maybe there's an eye opener for my Feb order. Though I was expecting June they...
  12. Mach E got Keyed at the mall

    We had a hit and run driver too in San Jose a long time ago. Wife was driving and he rear ended us at 10am on a Sunday. He proceeded to drive around us through traffic. I was on my phone with 911 running after him on foot trying to get the plate since traffic was slow. Just happened to see a...
  13. Autonomous Charging

    I think it depends on the vehicle. Tesla shows 20-25mph an hour, Leaf 12-15mph. Would be nice as the home charger then in public use the tether.
  14. Autonomous Charging

    Didn't see it on any threads but this looks quite interesting. At $3k-$4k it's not unreachable since I just had the Charge Point installed at $650 plus $700 for the unit. With Ford raising prices, what's another $1500 at this point.
  15. 5/9/22 Build Week Gang

    I thought you were one of the "Elite" since you created your account in March 22. But waiting since Oct makes me wonder if mine will be longer. Was speculating I have 4 more months before it gets "scheduled" then 2 months build, 1-2 months destination. So I'm think late Nov I would have...
  16. Mach-E Price Increase - Effective April 13, 2022 (rescinded 4/15)

    Disappointed that Ford is jacking the prices while they keep removing features. I really wanted the kick sensor trunk. Park assist wouldn't get used.
  17. 5/9/22 Build Week Gang

    When did you order the Premium? I ordered Feb 13 and expecting a very long wait. I even called Ford today to check and make sure I didn't need to approve of anything from the last "order update, delay" email and was referred to the warranty line saying it was in production for some reason then...
  18. April 7th, Your Order Has Been Updated

    Should change “updated to delayed”. Anyone know what this delay is? Already got he parking kit and kick sensor ones. Thanks again for placing your 2022 Mustang Mach-E Premium order. While we’ve been busy working to get your new vehicle into production, we’ve run into a few delays. Sometimes...