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  1. CHeil402

    Mach E Charging at Supercharger??

    I just saw this article posted. I take it with a grain of salt that the article is fully accurate. It appears in the least that the adapter being used is only a J1772 plug and not the CCS plug since it seems (albeit hard to see in the video) that the DC pin flap is still closed on the MME. But...
  2. CHeil402

    FordPass High Data Usage

    I was just looking at my cell data usage last month and noticed that FordPass was third on the list with 157 MB. While I realize that's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, that still seems excessively high for an app that I can't think of any reason that it could probably be using anything...
  3. CHeil402

    Ford Finance Calculator Missing?

    Has anyone else noticed that the Ford Finance Calculator from the Mach E order page is missing? I went to check on the Ford Options terms today and it's only showing the cash prices?? Is there any other way to see if you are in the $1,000 or $2,500 Options rebate area?
  4. CHeil402

    Ask an Electrical Engineer

    Like several people on this forum, this will be my first EV. I’ve always wanted an EV since the very first Tesla came out a while back but was a die-hard manual transmission fan and never saw a vehicle that really made it worth the tradeoff… but I finally think the MME is that car. However, it’s...
  5. CHeil402

    Mach E Dealer Pocket Guide Available

    In addition to the newly released owner manuals, there is also a Pocket Guide intended to help train dealerships available. Probably mostly redundant to the manuals, but a more succinct read... One thing I noted on...
  6. CHeil402

    Any Requests for Upcoming Tour? Conshohocken, PA - 11/4

    Lots of people have started posting info / pictures from attending the road tour events. I'm headed to mine at John Kennedy Ford in Conshohocken, PA on Wednesday 11/4. I thought instead of re-posting similar information that's already available, I'd see if there are any specific requests? Let me...