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  1. itsthenewdc

    BlueCruise v1 is a Let Down

    BlueCruise has potential to improve over time, but it's really only been advertised as a hands-free benefit to the existing cruise control options. Tesla first revealed FSD in 2014 and now costs $12,000 to add it on. That's a 7 year head start over the 2021 Mach-E vehicles. Give Ford half a...
  2. itsthenewdc

    Ford Early Access + Electrify America: Complimentary BlueOval Electrify America Membership Invitation Email

    Received an email from the Early Access Program just now. Placed the order, and now just waiting on the confirmation email that it's ready to go. Excited to see this coming to life after it sort of vanished.
  3. itsthenewdc

    Charge station fault - FPL EVolution

    Just tried an FPL Evolution charger in Lake City, FL and it had charge station fault errors. Really annoyed that the only Fast Chargers that ever seem to work are Electrify America. EVGo also never works for me.
  4. itsthenewdc

    OTA v.2.8.3 ... ???

    That still works in BC mode? I didn't see the multi-bar icon during it, so just assumed BC followed its own distance guidelines.
  5. itsthenewdc

    OTA v.2.8.3 ... ???

    Having used BlueCruise for a few weeks now, I do hate that it follows the car in front of it at a distance big enough to allow cars to easily merge in, and when they do merge in the car does have a pretty forceful brake. It really should either follow cars more closely or have a much smoother...
  6. itsthenewdc

    How much do you pay for you car insurance?

    2021 Mustang Mach-E, Premium AWD. Progressive. $652.00 for 6 months. $100k Property $100k/$300k Bodily $100k/$300k Uninsured $10k Personal Injury $500 Comprehensive/Collision Deductible $40/day rental reimbursement.
  7. itsthenewdc

    Update Not Successful

    I got the 2.3.0 update (coming from 1.7.1), but only seem to have some of the functions/features discussed. I don't have Blocks & Tiles CarPlay doesn't go fulls-size I don't see Speed Sign Recognition Volume bar is still vertical Multi-day scheduling still only allows me to select one day...
  8. itsthenewdc

    Update Not Successful

    That’s what I’ve had it set at, but at 1:00am.
  9. itsthenewdc

    Update Not Successful

    Over the last couple of days when entering my car I’ve gotten Update not successful displays when the car boots but see no signs of an update pending. Nothing in Settings > Software Updates and nothing in Ford Pass app about updates or even the failure. Is this a bug?
  10. itsthenewdc

    How many Fords have you owned?

    3 Mustangs, 3 Escapes, 1 Edge and now Mach-E ^_^
  11. itsthenewdc

    BlueOval Charge Network Upgrade Available (to BlueOval Electrify America Membership)

    Was this not out 6 months ago, or am I missing what's different about this?
  12. itsthenewdc

    Anyone gotten a ridiculous buy offer for your used MME?

    Got my Vroom quote back for $54,000. Unfortunately, my sale price for the Infinite Blue FE was more and then after taxes and all that the final bill was $68k. Even taking advantage of the tax credit would leave me ~$6.5k in the hole. Didn’t plan on selling, but was interested in seeing if it was...
  13. itsthenewdc

    Sunglass compartment BROKEN

    Are they fixing it for free? Just saw on Ford Parts the overhead console is $600+. No way in hell I'm paying anything to get this fixed, especially when it seems to be an issue for more than just myself. I've literally never used the sunglasses holder before, and the piece that latches in is...
  14. itsthenewdc

    Anyone gotten a ridiculous buy offer for your used MME?

    I don't really want to sell my MME, but I am interested to see what they'll offer given the market, so I filled out stuff for Vroom and Carvana.
  15. itsthenewdc

    Backup Camera Stutter

    Yeah, thought that a video would help as I was typing my original post. I'll try and get a video of it posted here tomorrow once it's light out again.
  16. itsthenewdc

    Backup Camera Stutter

    Just purchased my MME today, and noticed when parking that the backup camera has a slight, but noticeable stutter to the image on the screen. I previously had an Edge and the camera was very smooth, so when comparing it to the MME camera it's pretty crappy. It's almost like a slight warping of...