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  1. PPF Quote

    No problem, Elle! I know a lot of people do it, and I think it's just important to go into it open-minded, particularly at that cost. Nothing wrong with doing it, so long as you're doing it to keep the paint looking nice for yourself. ;) Now something like a ceramic coat, which has clear...
  2. PPF Quote

    Fair enough, but the rest of my point remains. Who are you protecting the paint for, and why? I think most people would tell you they're trying to 'protect the resale value,' but you're really just paying up front in the hope to recoup that money down the road.
  3. PPF Quote

    In my opinion (don't jump down my throat, people) ... PPF is going to protect your paint from minor rock chips. But here's the thing, for a bigger rock hit ... it's still going to look like you have a rock chip! So let's assume you get a chip. Now you have a decision to make ... do you spend...
  4. 8/1/22 Build week gang

    Why would they have moved us to 8/1 at all if the plant is scheduled to be shut down that week?
  5. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (6/20) For Build Weeks 7/18 and 7/25

    Same here. Curious that some others are getting moved back up or that they’re scheduling in those weeks at all if they moved us out.
  6. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Given we have a thread with reports of this problem on cars that have never DC Fast Charged, either seems like the case.
  7. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    That's more likely, honestly, and why I'm concerned this is a "software" fix. If contactors are getting welded shut, you have to assume it's a heat-related issue. The only way (I can think of) that software is fixing it is throttling either charging or performance or both.
  8. New CarPlay vehicle integration in iOS 16 coming to the Mach-E?

    I don't think Apple was ever developing their own car. They did, however, need to be in deep enough to know what things they could do with CarPlay to make the driving experience better. The only way Apple would ever land on "We need to make a car" is if cars were so fundamentally flawed it was...
  9. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Just saw this on Twitter ... Karl is in Ford Communications. Be prepared for charging or other performance degradation, because I don't see how they're going to "fix" this in software without doing either or both. I wonder if he's dizzy from all that spinning. "There is not a 'stop sale.'"...
  10. Ford Credit will update new lease agreements in 37 states to specify "you do not have the option to purchase the Vehicle at the end of the lease term"

    Since I haven't seen it mentioned yet, this seems like a great reason to go with Ford Options ... as if the tax credit weren't a big enough reason on it's own.
  11. 07/18/22 Build Week Gang

    Mine was moved out two more weeks, too. I was expecting a two week slide but now I'm concerned it won't be the last time this moves around.
  12. Run flat tires

    Yes, but the caltrops are back ordered. Supply chain issues, y’know?
  13. My MME has been built

    The order is between Ford and your dealership. You didn’t cancel the order, you just told the dealership you wouldn’t be taking possession. The dealership with still take the car and sell it to the next buyer.
  14. Drive Electric Earth Day - Mill Creek

    This was right by my house (we’re in the townhouses there on Buffalo Park). Did this event happen? We drove past and didn’t see anyone there. Still waiting on our Mach-E. My wife and I did have a lovely discussion with a MME owner at the church a week or so later. He was very kind and was late...
  15. EV6 Vs MME

    I’d I didn’t have my heart set on the MME I have ordered, I’d be getting in the car and going to pick up the GT-Line near me.
  16. Is plugshare the way to go?

    Heard about an app called Chargeway on Twitter a few weeks back. Might be worth keeping an eye on.
  17. Did you name your Mustang Mach-e?

    I offered to let my seven-year-old daughter name it. She settled on "Speedy." Luckily we have ~5 more months to convince her to pick a better name. 😅
  18. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Depends largely on your config … you can see from the stats which features have the most demand. That said, I ordered 11/3/21 and have three of the most popular features, and I just got a production date. Check this Thursday, they’re doing some additional scheduling and you may get lucky. Also...
  19. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (5/23) For Build Weeks 7/4 Through 7/25

    In short, yes. It can take. Couple weeks to complete production, then a couple months for shipping and delivery. My production week is 7/16, I’m assuming Early October.
  20. DIY How To: Add Hands-free liftgate back to 2022 Mach-E

    I understand that this is what Ford is saying. What I’m asking is, have we found any example of a 2022 that doesn’t have the actual hardware? So far, everyone that’s gone looking has found it. Which suggests it was disabled because it was buggy software, rather than unreliable hardware.