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  1. Eric_C_Boston

    Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum \\ Mach-E Owner First Drive & Review!

    I am surprised that @Mach-E VLOG or @Liv have not posted this great initial review of the Ford F150 Lightning. Wow, the top end trim is amazing. I would not expect massage capable seats.
  2. Eric_C_Boston

    Interesting GPS problem that also affects Android Auto

    I had an interesting problem with the MME's GPS that highlights linkage with my phone through Android Auto. Several months ago I took a brief trip to Boston Metro West. I noticed the GPS should my location off the road. It drifted in directions unrelated to my real direction. When I got to my...
  3. Eric_C_Boston

    WSJ Article: I Rented an Electric Car for a Four-Day Road Trip. I Spent More Time Charging It Than I Did Sleeping.

    I attended my monthly ham radio breakfast and one of my friends mentioned this brilliant article. This was during a discussion about me driving my Mach-E...
  4. Eric_C_Boston

    2000 Mile Road Trip from Boston MA to Xenia, OH and Back

    I just completed a trip to Hamvention in Xenia, OH from the Boston area. I convoyed with an ICE vehicle and conservatively planned out the charging stops. I charged up to 100% at home and met up with the ICE vehicle. We setup communications between vehicles using a two meter ham simplex...
  5. Eric_C_Boston

    Charging Network Roaming

    One aspect I did not initially realize about EV Charging was network roaming. I first signed up with EVgo to charge a friend's EV I borrowed. When I bought my car I got some free charging on the Ford Blue Oval charging network, which is mostly Electrify America, ChargePoint, and FLO. I signed up...
  6. Eric_C_Boston

    Trip to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, then rear ended when almost home

    I reached the first year anniversary of MME ownership this month and celebrated by going on a brief road trip to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec from the Boston area. I've been feeling a little left out. There were some minor glitches early in ownership, but the car is performing better after...
  7. Eric_C_Boston

    Any other Mach-E vehicles heading to Hamvention in May?

    I plan on driving my MME from the Boston MA area to attend Hamvention in Xenia, Ohio. It will be a two day trip each way and looks very doable Level 3 wise. My hotel has a Level 2 charger, but only one. I wonder if any other Mach-E vehicles are heading out there next month?
  8. Eric_C_Boston

    OTA - Digital Owner Manual

    I do not know if it is an update or test, but I got a successful OTA update when I got in the car after work today. Digital Owner Manual This update includes a Digital Owner Manual that will allow you to access information about your vehicle through your SYNC4 screen. I will have to read...
  9. Eric_C_Boston

    Ham Radio Installation in the MME?

    As I consider a road trip to Ohio in May, my mind dwells on how to get VHF/UHF radios in the MME. I have done some research, on and off, over 10 months I had the car, but have not found much information. I did find this thread here, but it seems like the thread title and initial message got...
  10. Eric_C_Boston

    Power-UP 2.5.3, or updates three days in a row, simply amazing!!!

    I got a surprise this afternoon when I checked the Ford website. This is the third day of updates. The fire hose is pointing at my car. { "displayOTAStatusReport": "UserAllowed", "ccsStatus": { "ccsConnectivity": "On", "ccsVehicleData": "On" }, "error": null...
  11. Eric_C_Boston

    The mystery OTA Update after Power-Up 2.3.0

    I successfully got Power-Up 2.1.0 and Power-Up 2.3.0. I have the problem of the Power-Up 2.1.0 message appearing in the car after the Power-Up 2.3.0 update. I also got the mysterious OTA download successful indication with no new message. I updated the modules in my car using FDRS yesterday and...
  12. Eric_C_Boston

    My car's first blizzard

    I do not have a garage, so my cars are exposed to the weather. This weekend is the first time my current car went through a major blizzard. My ER RWD MME spent the time parked in the back yard. I usually park it offset to the mouth of the driveway before a storm. The picture shows why, the wind...
  13. Eric_C_Boston

    In-Charge Energy to supply charging systems to 500 US Nissan dealerships

    I am planning a trip to Bourne and noticed an area Nissan dealer has a new 50 kW charger installed. I found out Nissan is installing ABB CCS/ChaDeMo units at their dealerships. It is too bad Ford does not do this...
  14. Eric_C_Boston

    Outdoor NEMA 14-50 Outlet Install

    I wanted to build my own EVSE and use a 45 foot J1772 cable, but pieces have been out of stock for months. I finally decided on an external NEMA 14-50 Outlet and use my Ford Mobile Charger with a 50 Amp RV extension cord. I installed it today using parts from Home Depot and it worked out fairly...
  15. Eric_C_Boston

    Tesla Autopilot loses its strongest rival as GM halts Super Cruise rollout

    Interesting there is no mention of the other rival.
  16. Eric_C_Boston

    Trip to La Belle Province

    My third MME road trip was to Montreal, an old favorite destination. I went up to visit friends and go to an Electric Car Show at Olympic Stadium. I decided to try out Airbnb and stay at a residential neighborhood in Lachine. A big plus was a dual Level 2 EVSE located at the on-street parking...
  17. Eric_C_Boston

    Montreal Electric Vehicle Show at Parc olympique this weekend

    I am visiting friends in Montreal and went to my first dedicated Electric Car Show over at the Olympic Stadium. I got to briefly talk to a Ford person and some of the other service providers I use. It was great. There are some interesting EVSEs being produced in Quebec and Ontario. I could not...
  18. Eric_C_Boston

    10K Service and PAAK update experience

    I took my MME in for 10K service at the dealer where I bought the car. The salesman said I had a $250 service credit. It was easy to make the appointment in the Fordpass app. The dealer was a 50 minute drive in Londonderry NH. They have a nice service department setup. The 10K service is...
  19. Eric_C_Boston

    Canada Invests in New Fast and Ultra-Fast EV Chargers in Quebec

    This is good news for my future travels to Quebec in my new Mach-E. I hope more 100kW and higher units are installed. The picture related to the announcement...
  20. Eric_C_Boston

    Second Road trip to Maritime Canada

    My second road trip was originally similar to the first, but I was going to use US Route 1 instead of I-95. I planned on attending a Car and Coffee event at the Seal Cover Auto Museum and stay for a couple of days at the Seawall Motel in Seawall, ME again. The plan changed when Canada opened the...