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  1. I’m losing faith in Ford, another recall?

    Now lightnings have been recalled. Small with tire pressure but whole I’m waiting for my Mach Prem, I’m getting worried. No way would I pay ADM with all this.
  2. EV Station thefts in LA (copper)

    It appears EV stations in LA right now are a hot theft item for their copper wiring.
  3. Autonomous Charging

    Didn't see it on any threads but this looks quite interesting. At $3k-$4k it's not unreachable since I just had the Charge Point installed at $650 plus $700 for the unit. With Ford raising prices, what's another $1500 at this point.
  4. April 7th, Your Order Has Been Updated

    Should change “updated to delayed”. Anyone know what this delay is? Already got he parking kit and kick sensor ones. Thanks again for placing your 2022 Mustang Mach-E Premium order. While we’ve been busy working to get your new vehicle into production, we’ve run into a few delays. Sometimes...
  5. Scheduled?

    Everyone keeps talking about “unscheduled-clean” for you vehicle to be on track and “compatibility” if there’s a build issue. This is what I see in mine. Does it change to “clean” at some point?