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  1. mattbostonmache

    What’s happening with EV charging on the Mass Pike??

    I was driving home on the Mass Pike on Sunday and I stopped at the rest area gas station in Framingham/Natick to pick up some wiper fluid. Low and behold there was an EVGo station. Only one box but two parking spots. One plug was chademo though. Well, it wasn’t even turned on. It looks...
  2. mattbostonmache

    Ford Power-Up 2.8.2 on Build 2 (Oct '21) Early Access

    My Oct 2021 build car just got Power-Up 2.8.2. I am in the Early Access program. I'm curious what this fixes or updates? What can I look forward to? I'm most eagerly awaiting the improved charging curve above 80%. Which modules need to be updated to get that? Is that in 2.8.2? I was...
  3. mattbostonmache

    System off to save battery

    I’ve gotten the message “system off to save battery” on the center console about six times this past week. It’s been there most mornings when I start the car. I’ve had the car since December and this is the first week I’ve seen this message. I wait for the progress bar to time out or turn the...
  4. mattbostonmache

    when I get back in the car, climate system has turned off and temp has been reset

    Some times when I get in the car, the climate system has been turned to "off" (where it was on auto 3 when I left the car) and when I turn it back on the temp is set to 72º (it was about 68º when I left). I'd say if I drove the car 30-40 times this week (counting every little drive whether it...
  5. mattbostonmache

    Receipt for blue oval charging network?

    I did a quick 5 minute test on a Shell Recharge/Greenlots level 2 charger tonight. I started the charge from Ford Pass and it worked great. But where do I view the receipt/confirmation of the transaction? I don’t see anything in Ford Pass (it did show the status during the session). And nothing...
  6. mattbostonmache

    What features do Americans not get?

    Ok, after being on the forum for a couple years, I've heard a lot about features that are or are not in certain countries. So what do us Americans not get?? I'll start... #1 my biggest disappointment for me, we do not get QuickClear (fine mesh in the windshield that clears snow and ice). I...
  7. mattbostonmache

    factory shipped BC (on build 2 cars) vs OTA or dealer install BC (on build 1 cars)

    I'm curious. Has anyone had decent time with both a build 2 car with factory blue cruise and a build 1 car with either an OTA or dealer install of blue cruise? I have a Oct/Nov build car with factory installed BC. Are there any improvements in the OTA/dealer installed version over the build 2...
  8. mattbostonmache

    Where and when are new fast chargers coming to New England??

    What are the plans (public and private) for installing DC fast chargers in the New England states?? I really want to know about New Hampshire. I can’t go there and come back beyond very southern NH. They need chargers all along I93 and route 16. Maine needs them too. There are just lots of...
  9. mattbostonmache

    What else can you do with the door combination pad (SecuriCode)?

    What else can you do with the door combination pad? I know holding 7/8 and 9/0 will lock the doors. And putting in the code will obviously unlock the doors. can I do other things? Open the trunk? Pop the frunk? Open the windows?
  10. mattbostonmache

    What the 2022s aren’t missing in intelligent park assist

    I’ve had my car since Dec and I had tried the intelligent parking assistance on my dealer’s demo during test drives (it work so so). This weekend I tested it on my car in a mostly empty parking lot. I’ll let the finished parking photo speak for itself.
  11. mattbostonmache

    Orange icon on dealers on fordpass app

    When I go to the FordPass app on my iPhone, look at the map, and search for dealers, some dealer pins have an orange icon and others don’t. What does that mean?
  12. mattbostonmache

    NY Times slideshow on electric taxi (Mach E)

    A quick slideshow on the New York Times about the EV taxis in NYC including a Mach E that the reporter got a ride in. "Electric Taxis Set Loose in New York"
  13. mattbostonmache

    Plug-and-charge with EA Pass+ account?? Please

    Any word from @Ford Motor Company when they will update plug-and-charge to tie to an Electrify America Pass+ account? It would be better yet if the Blue Oval network access via FordPass was Pass+ out of the door. I can’t believe this wasn’t possible on day one. And this car has been on sale...
  14. mattbostonmache

    21p22 on build 2 cars?

    Is 21P22 available for build 2 cars (dealer installed) yet? I’m mainly interested in the improvement in charging. Does it also fix a) the exterior door lock button taking 2-20 presses?And b) the doors locking after you close one door and you’re right next to the car so you have to wait 5-10 sec...
  15. mattbostonmache

    car sometimes locks (but doesn't not arm alarm) immediately after closing door/hatch

    Sometimes when I open the rear liftgate, finish up, and close the gate, it locks the car immediately after the liftgate closes (the mirrors fold in too). (FWIW, it locks but does not turn the alarm on, because when I walk away the horn honks when the alarm is turned on) Secondary issue...When...
  16. mattbostonmache

    exterior door lock button does not work

    I have a build 2 car (Nov build date). The little "button" with a lock icon above the circular door-opening button does not reliably work. I have to press it 3-10 times to get it to lock. Honestly, I didn't think was supposed to do anything because when I touched it for the first few...
  17. mattbostonmache

    trunk latch is a head hazard

    I set my trunk to open a little lower than full because a couple garages I park in occasionally (my gym and my work) have low concrete ribs in the ceiling. Well, with the lower trunk, the trunk latch is a large protrusion and it's very hard. I hit my head on it at least twice a week and it...
  18. mattbostonmache

    pesky horn+lights button on key fob

    I despise the horn and lights button on the key fob. I had cars with a similar button for 16 years before the MME. I've had the MME since Dec and I've hit that button by accident (usually just bending over to tie my shoes or to reach for something and put pressure on the pocket some how)...
  19. mattbostonmache

    terrible shifter

    Starting a new thread for this complaint (after the discussion about what issues do we want Ford to fix with an updated build). The rotary shifter is my number 1 issue. It would be if it was like the EV6 shifter. Twist right to drive (and return to center when you let go); twist left to go...