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  1. Dnorwood98

    Odd FordPass behavior

    So I plugged in Mjolnir last night, and charge settings were not honored. Looked in FordPass app and for some reason the vehicle's location was not updated to home. It was still showing the location I was at earlier in the day, several hours earlier. Not sure why it happened, but car didn't...
  2. Dnorwood98

    BlueCruise not showing in Connected Services

    With BlueCruise right around the corner for Job 1 vehicles (I hope) looked at my connected service and it is not showing. All I can see is charging network and connected navigation services. Anyone else seeing this? I know my car is prepped for BC since it is a Premium and BlueCruise is...
  3. Dnorwood98

    Cabin fan noise

    So on my road trip this weekend, I noticed a distinct fan "buzzing" noise coming from the passenger side of the cabin when the HVAC fan would kick on for about 5-10 seconds. Haven't found the exact cause. Anyone else getting this?
  4. Dnorwood98

    Adding FordPass to Google Home

    So I am having an issue where I can't seem to link FordPass with my Google Home system. It is added to my assistant on my phone, and I can use voice commands through my phone. However, when I try to use Google Home, it gives me the "It seems FordPass is not linked" message every time. Anyone...
  5. Dnorwood98

    Best OEM Tire replacement?

    Looking to upgrade the tires without replacing the rims on my Premium AWD ER. Anyone swap the tires but not the rims? I tried doing a search, but couldn't find a discussion on just replacing the tires.
  6. Dnorwood98

    Paint Chipping = Warranty?

    Just thinking out loud on this one. Have had three significant paint chips (all to bare metal), on the hood in less than 6 weeks of ownership. None of them were from impacts I heard while driving (my daily commute is only about 10 miles round trip). Anyone have any luck trying to do a...
  7. Dnorwood98

    Can't find Software version

    Sorry if this has been answered, but when I check for system updates, it says the system is up to date, but will not tell me what version I am currently running. Anyone know how to resolve this? Yes I have tried to check multiple times to see if it would pull up the software version. Worried...
  8. Dnorwood98

    Got to bring her home

    Here is my CG AWD ER MME :). Ordered 3/31, produced 6/25, shipped 6/28, delivered to my dealer 8/7. Now I need to tint the front windows and get her cleaned up an waxed or maybe ceramic. Dealer was great to work with. This was the second MME they sold (previous cancelled order was gone in...
  9. Dnorwood98

    Finally! Complete Purchase available.

    Today I got the email saying I can start the checkout process online for my Carbonized Gray Premium 4X. Ordered 3/30. Produced 6/25, and shipped 6/28. I am guessing the dealer actually doesn't have it yet. Reached out to them to see if they initiated the checkout or if it was automated...
  10. Dnorwood98

    Hello from WA

    Been on the forum for a little bit, but just pulled the trigger on ordering a Carbonized Gray Premium ER AWD. Order is submitted and just waiting for the dealer to accept it. :) Located in Central Washington.