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  1. Jimrpa

    Looking for an actual PICTURE of the HV Contactors?

    I’m trying to find an actual photograph (preferably with some kind of guidance on dimensions) for the HV Contactors. Not the assembly they’re in (I.e. not a picture of the HVJB or something). The actual (presumably big pieces of copper) Contactors.
  2. Jimrpa

    Why? Just … why?

    Ok, what value is the below at all? Here’s the scenario: two friends and I were out to dinner. One in the front passenger seat and one in the rear seat. I’m driving home, come to a complete stop, let my two passengers out, and continue on my way. Why is Ford cluttering up my instrument panel...
  3. Jimrpa

    I Saw an Uber!

    At Universal Orlando. I was surprised that someone was using a Premium as an Uber. Not sure whether it was considered a comfort or a black tho
  4. Jimrpa

    Auto-Unlock Trial Concluding

    For those in the Auto-Unlock Trial (early access), I just got an email that the trial is concluding. It sounds like it won’t be rolled out for a bit. Personally, while I participated in the pilot and provided feedback, it wasn’t a feature I really need/would use. My FCCS is in my garage and I’m...
  5. Jimrpa

    Thump-thump when turning at low speed

    I’ve noticed over the last few months, that my car will make a thump-thump sound when turning at low speed. I notice this most when the. At is “cold” (leaving the house first thing in the morning), and it seems to happen more often with left turns. Any thoughts? Trip to the dealer time?
  6. Jimrpa

    What’s Next?

    BlueCruise is finally rolling out. Anyone have any insight into shag’s next? If memory serves, @ChasingCoral said something about a 2.8.X series of updates that would culminate in remote frunk release but I believe someone else said that the release numbering would change?
  7. Jimrpa

    Yet ANOTHER BlueCruise owner “review”

    BlueCruise finally became available in my car last week, the day before I had to drop it off for the recalls, so I didn’t have much of a chance to play with it. I have now, so here are my quick observations: It does exactly what I expected. When I’m an area where hands-free driving is...
  8. Jimrpa

    FordPass iOS - Should I Be Getting Notifications?

    Should I be getting notifications in iOS when events occur in FordPass? Say, for example, the vehicle alarm is triggered (as it was today at the dealership)? These events are listed in Message Center in the FordPass app, but I don’t receive any iOS system notifications (such as banners on the...
  9. Jimrpa

    Dropped Off for Windshield/Pano Recall - Interesting Dealer Comment

    Dropped off my Mustang Mach E for the windshield and pano recall yesterday. The service guy had a few interesting comments: They wait until their glass company confirms they have a supply of replacement windshields before they do this work. He confirmed they have 8 replacement windshields in...
  10. Jimrpa

    Premium Front Driver’s Side Wheel Arch Abrasion - Recommendations

    Somehow, the driver’s side front wheel arch on my car was abraded. I honestly have no idea what happened, but it looks like someone must have rubbed against it with a shopping cart or something. Anyway, as you can see in the picture below, it’s worn through on the top of the ridge. suggestions...
  11. Jimrpa

    Today’s the DAY getting my BlueCruise!

    Really looking forward to getting my BlueCruise today! I already have my first BlueCruise trip planned for tomorrow! Taking a Tesla fanboy buddy for a ride to show him “how it’s done”! Can’t wait! ?
  12. Jimrpa

    Ford Navigation Makes Stupid Recommendations

    So, on my morning commute (when I deign to make an appearance at the office) I use the navigation system to look at traffic. There are occasional stupid suggestions the navigation system makes. Particularly, it tells me to exit I-76 at route 1 and get right back on. If I were to “obey” the...
  13. Jimrpa

    TWO CarPlay Tiles?

    I’ve never seen two CarPlay tiles before. Has anyone else?
  14. Jimrpa

    Do You miss the Lack of Attention

    For people with job 1 cars, do you miss the lack of attention? Remember whenever you’d be out with your Mustang Mach E and people would stop you and ask about the car, and comment on how awesome it is? Are you missing that bit of an ego boost that validated your choice? ??
  15. Jimrpa

    How Long Will You Keep Your Mustang Mach E?

    Different people have different attitudes about cars. Some people like to get a new car every year. Others hang onto cars until junkyards beg them to get the eyesores off the road, or until they’ve appreciated to nosebleed values. Just curious what people here plan to do?
  16. Jimrpa

    Ford Sent BlueCruise Email to Wrong Address

    So, the below email apparently was sent to me in error ?
  17. Jimrpa

    Question for EA VIP - Can BlueCruise Updates be Combined?

    This question is for those in the EA VIP BlueCruise group who also have a good handle on the various OTAs, their contents, and the OTA process in general: My understanding is that 2.4.2 - 2.5.3 are the collection of updates that enable a Job 1 car for BlueCruise. Would it be possible...
  18. Jimrpa

    There’s a FordPass Community?

    Anyone check this out? Is it worthwhile?
  19. Jimrpa

    Remote Start … Doesn’t?

    The following happens consistently - every time, regardless of whether or not the car is plugged into the charger. About 5 minutes before I leave in the morning, I remorse start my car via the app. I’m usually connected to the car via Bluetooth (window controls available) but not always...