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  1. Mach1E

    Chinese Mach E GT with no 5 second limit?

    I feel this deserves its own thread: Full video Hot lap- They finally tested a Mach E GT in China. From what I can gather, there’s no “unbridled extend“ mode and it doesn’t look like any power reduction...
  2. Mach1E

    Trip details in App inaccurate?

    I don’t look at it much, but can’t make sense of the trip details in the FordPass app. Not sure where it pulls data but it doesn’t seem accurate. For example. This weekend I drove 110 miles round trip on the highway. The way there seems fairly accurate. The way home? It somehow doubled the...
  3. Mach1E

    Black van

    So this was a new one today. At Chik Fil A today and I ordered from one person in the drive through. I get to the next person where I pay and he starts laughing. “What the heck, he called this a black van. It’s the new Mach E right?” I’ve heard hatchback, SUV, even Mustang station wagon. But...
  4. Mach1E

    Lincoln Aviator anyone?

    Not really competing for the Mach E, but thinking of replacing my wife’s Flex with a 2022 Lincoln Aviator reserve rwd. Just wanted to hear anyone’s experience with them before we pull the trigger. Test drove an X5 today, looked at a Q7 and Q8 and then the Aviator and she liked that one the...
  5. Mach1E

    2024 Lotus Eletre

    Another competitor in the performance BEV crossover category. 600 hp. 0-60 in 2.9. And there will be a 900 hp version. Sounds like it’s targeting the model X. But it kinda looks like an EV6. It’s interesting, but I don’t understand the strategy of car manufacturers these days. They’re all...
  6. Mach1E

    AOSK OEM style spoiler gloss black on GTPE

    Haven’t installed yet but wanted to see what people think. Stock- Spoiler- Stock- Spoiler- Stock- Spoiler- Stock- Spoiler-
  7. Mach1E

    Possible lead on another suspension option -- coilovers by Motion Control Suspension

    Was watching the video of the Austin Hatcher Mach E (vehicle they plan on hitting 200 mph in). They mentioned the coil over suspension was developed by this company: Someone should reach out if they’re interested in an aftermarket option for our cars...
  8. Mach1E

    Electric Chevy Blazer SS

    Oh it just got interesting…….
  9. Mach1E

    Side GT badge

    Anyone else wish the side badges were different for the GT? Seems all the other models have a special badge but us. I’m kinda considering getting rid of the 4X badge and using the select RWD badge and putting GT after it. Just not sure how it would look. Anyone good with photoshop for a DMG GTPE?
  10. Mach1E

    10 lbs in a 5 lb sack

    Anyone else thing the screen in front of the driver can get a bit……. Busy? There’s just a ton of stuff going on. I wish it was customizable rather than being tied to drive mode, Etc. Here was my screen today:
  11. Mach1E

    “Dad bod” car

    At a stoplight today next to two women in a BMW convertible. They started pointing and asking questions about the car. After I explained what it is, one of them said, “oh I know, it’s one of those, what do you call it, a Dad Bod car!” ? Never heard that one before but all I could say was...
  12. Mach1E

    Behind the windshield (photos)

    Unfortunately a rock on the highway got the best of my windshield. Luckily the local glass repair shop had the correct replacement in stock. So if anyone wants to know what’s under the windshield….. here’s some pics. One interesting sticker on the back of the one they removed: “LPP...
  13. Mach1E

    Please DM me your VIN, dealer and I’ll look at it on my end - experience with Ford Motor Company account here?

    So, by now we have seen that from Ford Motor Company on dozens of threads. What I haven’t seen once yet is “thanks Ford you fixed my problem!” So I’m curious for those who’ve done it. What was the outcome? Here is the email they sent me regarding the headlight switch issue, and profile issue...
  14. Mach1E

    How the software works, what to blame?

    Ok, we all know at this point that software is “buggy.” Just trying to figure out where the problem is or what to blame. Every day so far this week, I’ve gotten a different bug. It’s like rolling the dice every time I start the car to see what goes wrong. Monday- profile defaults to guest...
  15. Mach1E

    Volume control fault

    Different day, different new bug…… Seriously, I’ve had some “new and different” bug show up almost every day this week. GTPE, job 2, never been updated. Driving home today my screen and volume knob were unresponsive. Clicking to drive modes, they were greyed out. Volume on steering wheel...
  16. Mach1E

    Drag race video- iX vs X vs e-tron S vs EQC

    Pretty interesting drag race of all the Mach Es luxury electric SUV competitors: What’s nice? GT would beat all of them in the 1/4 mile. Also interesting to see how the boost mode affects the e-tron S. Seems similar to a GT in that it rockets out front then falls on its face. But a GT would...
  17. Mach1E

    Will the 2022 GT/GTPE be faster than 2021 model?

    I’m wondering if you think when the 2022 GTs start showing up if they’ll be faster. My theory: they should come with all the latest software updates. 91 kWh battery, possibly a 10 Second boost, faster charging etc. And much like how Ford didn’t say squat about job 2 cars last year, they...
  18. Mach1E

    Profile keeps defaulting to Guest

    Around half the time I get in my car it keeps defaulting to the Guest profile. This means I have to hit the memory seat button, wait for the computer to load, go to profiles then click on my profile half the time. Details: I only have 1 profile and guest I have BOTH my phone on me and key fob...
  19. Mach1E

    Mach-E GT PE vs Mustang GT350 and GT PP1 @ Quarter Mile Drag Strip and Autocross Slalom

    Here’s a nice slalom race vs a GT PP1: And racing a Steeda GT350
  20. Mach1E

    Highway passing to top speed video. Fast!

    Someone posted this on the Facebook page. I wish I could link the video, but the best I can do is screenshots. Bottom line? Fastest highway top speed run I’ve seen. He punches it 1 second into the video. Goes from 73 mph to 124 mph in 13 seconds. 73-100 is about 4 seconds 73-110 is about 6...