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  1. Stang68

    Best road trip charging strategy

    Heading on my first longer trip in the Mach E and had a question about charging strategy. I was wondering if getting super low on the battery and then charging at a fast charger (at hopefully 150kw before ramping down) is the right move, or should I do more frequent stops at a higher state of...
  2. Stang68

    No 5 second boost limit on Lightning

    As you may have seen, the F150 Lightning reviews dropped today and in a few videos people have mentioned the trick is confirmed to not have a 5 second boost limit like the Mach E GT. The Lightning is built different with different batteries than the Mach E but come on, Ford. Unlock it on the GT...
  3. Stang68

    Performance… issues

    I was driving my GTPE on the highway today, 68°, sun shining, pretty high state of charge. And yet look how many bars were on the power meter. I’ve never actually seen that many and I got this car in the dead of winter! Anyone seen that many in what seem to be pretty optimal conditions?
  4. Stang68

    Out with the old, in with the Blue

    Thanks to insane used car prices right now and the tax credit x2, I was able to upgrade my Premium 4X to a Grabber Blue GT Performance! The color I wanted right from the start but couldn’t get. Been very happy so far, just need some better weather here so I can really enjoy.
  5. Stang68

    GV60 Boost Button - Come on, Ford

    Yes, another thread about Ford lagging behind everyone when it comes to having a FUN EV, or at least a "fun button". And in the case of the Genesis EV60, it's a literal, physical "fun button". The car has a boost button that gives you more power for 10 seconds at a time. As demonstrated here...
  6. Stang68

    Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    MKBHD just posted a video showing results from a roadtrip with the Plaid and the Mach E and an ICE Audi, and *spoiler* the Mach E's first leg was abysmal because they listened to Ford's in-car navigation for charging. Second leg they used only Electrify America and had a much better experience...
  7. Stang68

    NEMA 10-30 Lectron cable to 5-15 Adapter?

    Hey all, Looking to keep my Ford Mobile Charger that came with the car at home and keep something else in the car for those times when I need to plug into a regular outlet to charge. I came across this Lectron charger on Amazon with good reviews and see it only comes with a NEMA 10-30 plug...
  8. Stang68

    Cyber Orange Mach-E GT spotted

    Saw this on Instagram, looking SHARP.
  9. Stang68

    Charging FAIL & GREAT Surprise When We Compare The Model Y & Mach-E On The World’s Toughest EV Test!

    TFL puts the Mach E standard range up against the Tesla Model Y Performance. Not an super-equal competition but honestly...the biggest loser in this video is Electrify America.