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  1. Crilly

    Sold my car today. Signing off soon

    So thunderbird what Lightning do you have on order?
  2. Crilly

    Heat Wave Coming - Battery Health Tips to Remember

    Leave car on when not plugged in.
  3. Crilly

    One fewer Mach-E GT - Totaled

    I have a GTPE, orange I could sell you for what dealer would give me for trade in. 7500 miles, orange. I have a Lightning showing up any day now. [email protected]
  4. Crilly

    One fewer Mach-E GT - Totaled

    Cobra Dan: What are you replacing it with?
  5. Crilly

    Charging port light no longer indicates charge

    Reset your charger.
  6. Crilly

    What does the Ford Protect warranty actually cover on our cars?

    I keep reading it pays for spark plugs.
  7. Crilly


    I forget what setting I am talking about. It sounds like a setting is set for one of the kids.
  8. Crilly

    Anyone in WI been able to use BlueCruise hands free yet?

    No problem with mine on I-94. What warnings are you getting? (Keep eyes on road)(keep hands on wheel)
  9. Crilly

    36,000 mile report card

    I would disconnect the 12 volt battery for a few minutes if I were you.
  10. Crilly

    Doors Do Not AUTOLOCK When Walking Away Anymore

    Ok, I have to ask. Is the fob you let the dealer use still in the car?
  11. Crilly

    Are you able to lock the MachE with it running?

    If you hold the fob at top of rear passenger window, then close front door you well not get a double horn honk.
  12. Crilly

    AC on while DC fast charge on trip

    If charging is going to take more than 30 minutes you should turn off auto turn off timer. If the charger turns off it well go to accessories mode. Ford, why should the car be in accessories mode ever?
  13. Crilly

    So this happened... loud horn sound inside car

    It was a trumpet sound cAused by the fans and a slight crack of a window. Had it happen yesterday.
  14. Crilly

    Car won't start stuck in service lane - 2021 MME GTPE eAWD **Bent Fuse - Fixed**

    You can see the bent fuse in the pic. Lower right hand, outer post.
  15. Crilly

    “BlueCruise On” (it isn’t)

    If you manhandle the steering wheel you well not get hands free When you should.
  16. Crilly

    Car won't start stuck in service lane - 2021 MME GTPE eAWD **Bent Fuse - Fixed**

    Just cause you put a different battery in fob, does not mean it was a good battery. Make sure the terminals are bent up properly.
  17. Crilly

    How to lock your kids in the car ?

    Donot leave fob or phone in car. They well drive it around the parking lot. Leave car on. Lock car with button. They can not take care out of park. Of coarse if you get close to the car they might run you over.
  18. Crilly

    need some feedback from MME AZ drivers

    The best thing to do with the mache in extreme weather, hot or cold is to leave it on when not plugged in. It well keep the battery at good temps. The worst thing to do is park over hot hot asphalt.