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  1. heisnuts

    I Just Joined The "Stop Safely Now" Club Too

    *Big update on the next page - post #19... Just like the title says, it looks like I too have joined the stop safely now club. The short version of the story is after a two hour drive at highway speeds I returned home with 37% battery charge (68 miles range showing) and plugged into the Ford...
  2. heisnuts

    MME Wave?

    I’m just so used to waving to other Corvette drivers when driving the Corvette and waving to other bikers when on the motorcycle that it was just instinctive to wave today as another MME was coming the other way out in the county. To my surprise it was responded to with a thumbs up from the...
  3. heisnuts

    Real Range: 208 Mile Trip In Winter - Over 1,500 Foot Mountain Range

    The Quick Facts: 2021 Premium AWD 88kwh battery 208 mile round trip over 1,500 foot mountain range 45F outside temps - auto climate on at 69F for most of the trip Raining the whole trip with some ponding water on the roads 20-25 mph headwinds for a lot of the trip Left fully charged at 100% -...
  4. heisnuts

    What is the best charging practice

    Like a lot of people my daily work commute is not a lot of miles (about 20 miles round trip). So if I start the week at 80 or 90%, I can easily go several days, if not the whole week, without charging. Since the car sits inside at night where temperatures are well above freezing (and we are very...
  5. heisnuts

    Accidental Unplugged Message in Ford Pass App

    The last two days now I have gotten a message on the Ford Pass App saying the MME might have been accidentally unplugged from the charger. Both times this happened the charging had completed overnight on the Ford Mobile Charger plugged into a Nema 14-50 outlet (to 80%), the car was unplugged...
  6. heisnuts

    Review after 1,300 miles

    It has now been 18 days since taking delivery of our 2021 MME AWD Premium with the 88kw battery. In that time I have managed to put over 1,300 miles on it because it really is that much fun to drive. Now, it was a 250 mile trip home from the selling dealer, but most of the other miles have...
  7. heisnuts

    Dealer Allocation Question

    When a customer goes into their local dealer to order a MME, does the size of the dealer matter when it comes to actually getting an allocation from Ford? I know in the General Motors world, when a customer walks in to order a new Corvette it will matter a lot. The biggest 3 dealers in the...
  8. heisnuts

    Current wait time for an ordered car (December, 2021)

    I wasn't able to find a thread showing what the current wait time is for a MME ordered today. What is the current time frame people are seeing right now?