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  1. I’m losing faith in Ford, another recall?

    Tesla has never made an ICE vehicle and Fords ground up EV‘s have only been on the market for less than 3 years. As long as Tesla has been out, they’re still having fitment issues.
  2. MME GT Bricked!

    Hey guys I’m curious. Is there some type of special size 12V battery that is used in the Mach-E or is it just like the battery in a regular Mustang. If it’s just like the battery in a regular Mustang, have any of you considered going to an aftermarket battery? Yes, I know one would have to...
  3. My stable is now completely EV

    Can’t wait to read about your range experience with both of them.
  4. Dented door trim below window 😞

    The same people that are saying to lay off the Twinkies’ will be the next person or same people complaining or asking about the same indention in the same spot in their Mach-E
  5. I bought a new Mach-E on Tuesday, 6/14

    Wow dude……….You’re totally going off the deep end and misunderstanding everything and anything I wrote. I have no dog in the fight nor am I arguing. Take a deep breath, calm down, and comprehend instead of just reading and reacting. Have a good day.
  6. Dented door trim below window 😞

    I just chalk it up to Ford using a cheaper type of memory foam that over time, doesn’t spring back into position.
  7. I bought a new Mach-E on Tuesday, 6/14

    No anger at all just a highlight of a specific thing that was mentioned by you and others.
  8. Dented door trim below window 😞

    Believe it or not, this is normal on many Ford vehicles. I have a 2016 F150 Lariat and I have the same indention in the same spot as you.
  9. I bought a new Mach-E on Tuesday, 6/14

    The dealer covered their butt by asking the customer to bring the vehicle back in for service and that’s all they can do. If the customer doesn’t take the advice from the dealer and the vehicle leaves the customer stranded somewhere, who’s fault is it? Like I said before, a mistake was made by...
  10. I bought a new Mach-E on Tuesday, 6/14

    Well, it looks like it was just a simple mistake whereas the vehicle shouldn’t have been sold to you because of the issue. Clearly there was miscommunication within your Ford dealer and your salesperson. Do you really believe that a dealer would intentionally sell a new not used vehicle to a...
  11. Mach-E Production Costs Increases and No Longer Profitable For Ford

    There’s no way that the cost has gone up that much. If this was the case, every vehicle manufacturer would be making the same statement including Tesla.
  12. Damaged In Transit...To The Tune of $20k

    Well, he’s going to have to wait regardless so why not wait on the same vehicle as a 2023 model with all of the current and upcoming software updates already on board. Plus, I’m sure he has another vehicle to drive until then. Sounds like the perfect early / Christmas gift to me.
  13. Damaged In Transit...To The Tune of $20k

    Yes, I know it’s very frustrating but, you did the right thing by refusing delivery. Look at it this way, outside of the rail yard incident, this happened for a reason. Perhaps you’ll get a 2023 model with all of the current updates for the same price as the one that was damaged.
  14. New CarPlay vehicle integration in iOS 16 coming to the Mach-E?

    Way to go Apple. As usual, CarPlay is showing how it should be done. Your move Android. 😂
  15. A big miss in my view

    First world problems.
  16. Stolen....

    Ummmm, do you have auto insurance on the vehicle? Seems to me that this is something they should be handling to do whatever it takes and they’ll pass the entire bill over to the shipping company. Very simple to me.
  17. One fewer Mach-E GT - Totaled

    Not worth it.
  18. MMEs are now being sold to idiots

    MME’s are not being sold to idiots. Some drivers are just idiots and they buy and drive every make and model of ICE, HYBRID, and full EV vehicle. The type of behavior that you experienced on the road shouldn’t be a surprise to you.
  19. MME vs. Cadillac Lyriq

    I’m looking forward to Lincolns’ answer.