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  1. TheSeg

    Ford Early Access + Electrify America: Complimentary BlueOval Electrify America Membership Invitation Email

    So far I didn't get the email, and from the sounds of it, I won't? I still have 16kWh of the complimentary left. I don't primarily use Fast Charging as I have a station at home. I've flipped on and off P&C early in my Job 1 car's life as some EA stations refused to work with it. Currently on at...
  2. TheSeg

    Onboard 4G or Wi-Fi

    A reminder that there's a difference between downloading an update and installing the update. The only WiFi network my car connects to is at home. However, most of my updates have installed while away from home. This is usually because the time for the car to have full power is when I'm using...
  3. TheSeg

    iOS 16 Beta CarPlay (Apple Maps) Changes

    The instrument cluster isn't stated till at least "Late 2023".
  4. TheSeg

    New CarPlay vehicle integration in iOS 16 coming to the Mach-E?

    As seen from the iOS 16 preview site, this stuff won't see any cars till at least late 2023. So whatever becomes of the fate of Mach-E getting the capability will not be for a while. I am excited about for it on a long term perspective. It's also an encouraging sign to see Ford show up in the...
  5. TheSeg

    FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    Did it again just now and it sticks now. Looks like the server push wasn't in sync with the app pushes.
  6. TheSeg

    FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    On iOS: Taps to turn off "Incentives & Marking Offers" in push notifications. Finishes loading. App automatically turns on "Incentives & Marking Offers". There's no way to actually turn this setting off. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Edit: Here's a screen video of the bug in action. What I didn't capture is that the...
  7. TheSeg

    2,000-Mile Road Trip - A Much Better Experience

    The depths of which Google had a head start with mapping in 2005 and Apple starting 2012 years later meant massive resources to close that 7 year gap. This is also why I'll never use the Ford's mapping system. When I've tried, it couldn't find full addresses I typed in. Justin O'Beirne has...
  8. TheSeg

    2,000-Mile Road Trip - A Much Better Experience

    As am I with the new EV routing features. My usual routing test is setting directions to Mickey & Friends Parking Lot. Not that I make the direct drive to there on a trip, but it's south enough to give padding to my real destination. Apple is showing the same two stops as ABRP does, so there's...
  9. TheSeg

    2,000-Mile Road Trip - A Much Better Experience

    Re: A Better Route Planner I agree it's bad for turn-by-turn routing. On my pervious trip from SF to LA, I started with ABRP via CarPlay and it crashed 30 miles in, reverted to km, and started to freeze again. Switched to Apple Maps where I was able to Siri to my first charging stop. ABRP is...
  10. TheSeg

    Advice for First-Time Car Buyer?

    Lots of good advice here, but I'll add a new one: Bring someone you trust with you. Review with that person everything before hand. How you expect the costs to be, how you're going to pay for it, and all the other details. When you go in, they'll be the one to keep you on point and catch things...
  11. TheSeg

    ChargePoint Home Flex Installed

    As someone who's used this exact modal for almost a year now, I'm very happy with it. I also have it hardwired for outside use (no garbage, but dedicated parking space). The reporting is adequate enough for me to separate my budget lines between non-car electric use and car use. Mainly so I can...
  12. TheSeg

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    2.3.0 and beyond. I know the thread is for 1.7.1, but it seems to be the only relevant APIM replacement thread I could find.
  13. TheSeg

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Adding my 2¢ that I'm now waiting for a replacement APIM at the dealership. Some notes leading up to this: Got the 21P22 done on November 23rd. Attempted OTA for Power-Up 2.3.0 in January failed. Went in 2 weeks ago as they finally allow recall class work. Also got 10K checkup, and mentioned...
  14. TheSeg

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    May I join the next flashing party? I'll bring some product from our clients (I work on a web platform that sells alcoholic beverages) and have my own chair.
  15. TheSeg

    California Clean Air Vehicle (CAV/HOV lane) stickers - Has anybody received theirs yet?

    The 2021 (blue) sticker design has the "circle" shape on the left, while the 2022 (yellow) have the "circle" shape on the right.
  16. TheSeg

    California Clean Air Vehicle (CAV/HOV lane) stickers - Has anybody received theirs yet?

    This is the product I bought and happy with it. Stickers are still on the car!
  17. TheSeg

    Mach-E Sighting on 101

    Yesterday while driving north on I-580, I saw a Mach-E like my mine in Infinite Blue. The only difference was their car's rear windshield was a plastic trash bag held in place with painter's tape. ?
  18. TheSeg

    Ford Email - Software Updates. Anyone else get this?

    As a datapoint, I have not received this email. Job 1 car (Feb 2021). Was classified as an Edge until Ford eventually corrected. Enrolled in Ford Early Access. Currently at 2.1.0 ("at least", see notes). CSP 21P22 was applied. I say "at least" as from what I can tell, it's attempting to...
  19. TheSeg

    OTA Power Up 2.3.0 Is out

    I've said as much in September and you seem to be getting the same reception I did. You're not alone in your position and I for one value your insights. With the hire of Mr. Doug Field, I feel we're heading towards a positive direction. I have no inside knowledge, but that's a lot of work to...