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  1. Woeo

    Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    Has anyone tried a 12v Bluetooth battery monitor on their MME? Seems like it would be a simple add and could provide good information about the battery’s state of charge before it reached a unsafe level.
  2. Woeo

    ABRP Calibrated Reference Consumption

    Roughly even mix of Interstate, 55 mph State roads, 35-40 local. Mix of F° in the teens, 30’s, & 50’s. Since December ABRP is consistently reporting 3.6x mi/kWh Calibrated Reference Consumption for my AWD Extended Premium—between 3.63 and 3.67.
  3. Woeo

    Waypoint Trip Planning

    Maybe I am missing something, but I don't understand why I am not seeing any discussion of MME onboard Navigation's ability to multi-waypoint trip plan with charging stops--similar to the ABRP app. Using the myTrips menu we can select and order multiple destination points for a trip then...
  4. Woeo

    This Trip not resetting

    The This Trip mileage, time, and m/kWh is not resetting over the course of a couple of days. Four actual trips, a couple of extra attempted diagnostic restarts and a couple of screen resets. Has anyone else experienced this quirk?
  5. Woeo

    Mid Atlantic Beach Excursions on Plugshare

    Adding the 50 kW & above locations
  6. Woeo

    Has anyone caught the front camera washer in action?

    Has anyone caught the front camera washer in action?
  7. Woeo

    How does your Frunk drain?

    Every review seems to mention it, but has anyone tried it out?
  8. Woeo

    Dangerous End of Queue Alert

    Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?
  9. Woeo

    1350+ Miles Of Range

    A short trip, 3.1 miles, back from the corner store. Two traffic signal stops reduced my average speed a bit to 20 mph. Made no special effort to hyper-mile.
  10. Woeo

    Drove down to 0% battery

    Finished a trip today with 0% on the battery and an estimated 1 mile range on the GoM Earlier it gave an orange warning when first at 0% with 2 miles est. range. At 3% predicted 8 miles range, ultimately drove 10.3 miles with another 1 mile estimate on GoM At 4% predicted 9 miles of...
  11. Woeo

    Frunk Divider Hack

    As I suggested in another post in another thread the center cross support of the frunk divider can easily be made removable with a Dremel tool or x-acto blade. I sliced the bit of plastic that stops the support from being removed away from the two side supports. Also need to remove a bit from...
  12. Woeo

    Navigation error, who would I report this to?

    I think this goes under the Sync category. I was hoping to stop at a nearby EA charging station to explore the process and a voice request to Find Electrify America brought up a handful of stations including the one in Clarksburg, Md. I set it as my destination and began following the turn by...
  13. Woeo

    Mac speed 186 km/h autobahn

    If previously posted @Administrator please delete.
  14. Woeo

    Ford forces Tesla to change strategy. Tesla releases Standard Range MY after all

    Ford forces Tesla to change strategy. Tesla will release Standard Range MY after all.
  15. Woeo


    Darren Palmer promised during SEMA broadcast that electronic opening frunk will come in an update in first quarter of 2021. Revealed that the hardware is in place, however, recent changes in regulations are at the root of deactivation of the planned electronic activation of frunk release...
  16. Woeo

    AlexonAutos will be getting a Mach-E

    Alex on Autos posted today on his YouTube channel an update/for sale overview of his Rav4 Hybrid—one year later. Early in the video he announces the Rav4 will be replaced by a Mach-E, which he expects will be delivered in early to mid December. (Might be wishful thinking on his part.)
  17. Woeo

    Images from Mike Levine’s Twitter feed

    27 miles per 8.5 kWh is 3.18 miles/kWH 3.18 m/kWH = 315 kWh/m $5/8.5kWh = 58¢ per kWh second image reference to fusion is confusing 45 m/16.31 kWh = 2.75 m/kWh 2.75 m/kWh = 364 kWh/m 16.31 kWh over 17 minutes would be 57.56 kWh per hour $5.00/16.31 kWh = 31¢ per kWh
  18. Woeo

    Seamless Charging

    Did anyone else catch that Darren said seamless charging technology is already in the Mach-E software as well as the newly installed ChargePoint and Electrify America units. So we should have seamless charging with VIN recognition and payment through the Ford Pass account.