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  1. dml105


    Yup, me about 2 hours ago. .... I hope my car is where I left it.
  2. dml105

    Why not clear the recall OTA?

    in time, I think that's exactly what is going to happen.
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    BestEVMod white leather seat cover - Installed

    something like this: I see this in the Audis with white exteriors, and it looks magnificent.
  4. dml105

    BestEVMod white leather seat cover - Installed

    Make these in nougat please!!
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    North Carolina seeks to ban or penalize free charging

    I'm just saying that it's something that really isn't worth complaining about. ICE cars are different from our electric ponies, and direct comparisons are almost always inapt. (I.e., if you offer it for EV's, you must offer the same for gas ignores that EVs are different than gas.) But if...
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    North Carolina seeks to ban or penalize free charging

    Because taxpayers subsidize things that don't benefit them directly all the time? Why should my tax dollars go to pave roads that I will never drive on? Because other people's tax dollars go to pave roads that I DO drive on. Unless you want to make it ILLEGAL to plug your Mach-e into one of...
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    I bought a new Mach-E on Tuesday, 6/14

    My guess? Probably. IANYL though.
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    Recall 22s41 - Main HV connector welding

    There are currently 8 or more threads on this on the main page. Look at the HVBJB threads for info.
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    Traveling Through West Virginia

    I love it when people pick nits. I’m just trying to explain it in an accessible way.
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    Traveling Through West Virginia

    The aerodynamics of the car seems to change significantly between 60 and 70 and also between 70 and 80. I put a line of weatherstripping across my windshield to damp noise. After an illadvised trip to a car wash, it was loosened ever so slightly. From 0-60, you’d never know. But when I took it...
  11. dml105

    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Thanks. Looks like I'm on the list. Is everyone pre-May 2022 on the list, or am I special?
  12. dml105

    Mach-E Production Costs Increases and No Longer Profitable For Ford

    Other sites saying the latter, "the model ... now costs $25,000 more to produce than an equivalent gas-powered Edge SUV, he said." No offense intended, but this comment doesn't sound like it came from a Mach-e owner. My...
  13. dml105

    Did the latest updates break regen?

    I wish the update allowed us to select the amount of regen we want when we release the throttle. For me, I would set regen at the max, and use lessened throttle pressure to select in real-time what percent of full regen I want.
  14. dml105

    BlueCruise dead zones?

    I wish Ford would hurry up with that comprehensive BlueCruise map that was promised. I’d at least like the peace of mind that it is functioning correctly, and that there just is no hands-free operation on that stretch of road since i traverse it daily.
  15. dml105

    BlueCruise dead zones?

    Have any users with BlueCruise operational found that there are dead zones on interstates where you would expect BlueCruise to be functional? For me, it's I-66 between Washington DC and the Beltway. It simply will not turn hands free until I approach VA-267. And yet, it will go hands-free on...
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    Free Electrify America Charging Weekend (Memorial Day?)

    Curious business model, giving it for free on days that are typically high travel days. I wonder if the holidays also give EA really good rates, so they are just passing it on to us.
  17. dml105

    New Power Brick

    I picked up the wallbox too. I like that it is adjustable. Since I rarely use that much juice, and only need it occasionally, I turned the amps down to 20 for my daily charging. If I go on a long drive and need to get it back up to full in a hurry, I'll set it to 40 for that night. That way, I...
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    Dealer sold my reserved car

    I still don't understand why people think that matters. If a Charles buys Betty's obligations on a contract made between Abe and Betty, Charles is obligated to do the same terms that Betty had. So if I contract with Ford, and a dealer takes over the contract, it simply isn't true that the...