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  1. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Just checked with Ford Chat today and car is in Laredo. Anyone know how long, on average, they stay there before moving on to KC?
  2. North Carolina seeks to ban or penalize free charging

    "Obsolete: 1. no longer produced or used; out of date." Guess it depends upon your definition. There is newer technology out there(there always is), but how readily available is it?
  3. Production date vs Build Week?

    My dealer was able to give me a specific date(day) after the production week showed up. It didn't turn out to be true because of the delay associated with the recall announcement.
  4. DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    That's ""
  5. DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    Just saw that the TorkLift hinge is on sale for $284 on the site
  6. mach-e, tax credit eligibility

    Yes. It is your net tax liability(obligation). In other words, Gross Income-Deductions=tax liability according to the tax bracketing for that particular year and your filing status. It has nothing to do with how much you have withheld. If your tax liability is greater than $7500 you will get to...
  7. Ford Chat Online

    What happened to Ford Chat Online?
  8. "Can't Promise Price Protection Because Ford Hasn't Been Paying Us"

    Sounds like BS. They either honor price protection or they don't.
  9. Ford Vehicle Tracking Site error

    Back out and go back in again. It happened to me several times over the last few days, but ultimately I was able to get in. I am using a MAC with Safari browser.
  10. Is it worth it to replace stock speakers?

    I hear ya, .....or I could if the Tinnitus would lighten up a bit;)
  11. Thread for Select RWD tracking

    Rapid Red Select, Comfort/Tech RWD,SR Ordered: 10/1/21 Scheduled for Production(Day): 5/30/22; Built: Built 6/20/22 Shipped:6/22/22
  12. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    I got the "shipped" email today with a 7/14-7/28 ETA. I'm in the Nashville area
  13. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Go to the reservation page. I haven't received an email but it showed up built with an estimated delivery window on the reservations page.
  14. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Just got notification that my car is built-hooray! Batch 6267- 137/450
  15. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Batch 6267, 137/450. Just saw my modules have been populated.
  16. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    Thanks for the info. Gives me hope that mine will arrive before I go out of the country for a couple of weeks in August
  17. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    How long was your shipping time? I have one being built right now coming to Nashville
  18. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Anyone in Batch 6267 show modules yet?
  19. 6/20/22 Build Week Gang

    I am in one of three batches(1300 cars) listed in cleanup scheduling that was originally scheduled for the week of 5/30. Batch 6267. They haven't started them yet. Don't obsess over it and get frustrated. They seem to be about 3 weeks behind because of the recall.